Hacking & Computer Security

A Bug Hunter's Diary
A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Software Security
By Tobias Klein
Android Security Internals
An In-Depth Guide to Android's Security Architecture
By Nikolay Elenkov
Attacking Network Protocols
A Hacker's Guide to Capture, Analysis, and Exploitation
By James Forshaw
Black Hat Go
Go Programming for Hackers and Pentesters
By Tom Steele, Chris Patten, and Dan Kottmann
Black Hat Python 2nd Edition Cover
Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters
By Justin Seitz and Tim Arnold
The Book of PF, 3rd Edition
A No-Nonsense Guide to the OpenBSD Firewall
By Peter N. M. Hansteen
Bug Bounty Bootcamp
The Guide to Finding and Reporting Web Vulnerabilities
By Vickie Li
The Car Hacker's Handbook
A Guide for the Penetration Tester
By Craig Smith
Crypto Dictionary
500 Tasty Tidbits for the Curious Cryptographer
By Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja
By Ben McCarty
Designing BSD Rootkits
An Introduction to Kernel Hacking
By Joseph Kong
Designing Secure Software
A Guide for Developers
By Loren Kohnfelder
Ethical Hacking Cover
A Hands-on Introduction to Breaking In
By Daniel G. Graham
Foundations of Information Security
A Straightforward Introduction
By Jason Andress
Game Hacking
Developing Autonomous Bots for Online Games
By Nick Cano
Go H*ck Yourself Cover
A Simple Introduction to Cyber Attacks and Defense
By Bryson Payne
Gray Hat C#
A Hacker's Guide to Creating and Automating Security Tools
By Brandon Perry
Gray Hat Python
Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers
By Justin Seitz
Hacking APIs
Breaking Web Application Programming Interfaces
By Corey Ball
Hacking for Kids
An Ethical Approach to Cyber Attacks and Defense
By Bryson Payne
Hacking VoIP
Protocols, Attacks, and Countermeasures
By Himanshu Dwivedi
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation (2nd Edition)
The Art of Exploitation
By Jon Erickson
How Cybersecurity Really Works Cover
A Hands-On Guide for Total Beginners
By Sam Grubb
How to Hack Like a Ghost Cover
Breaching the Cloud
By Sparc Flow
How to Hack Like a Legend Cover
Breaking Windows
By Sparc Flow
IDA Pro Book, 2nd Edition
The Unofficial Guide to the World's Most Popular Disassembler
By Chris Eagle
iOS Application Security
The Definitive Guide for Hackers and Developers
By David Thiel
Linux Basics for Hackers
Getting Started with Networking, Scripting, and Security in Kali
By OccupyTheWeb
Linux Firewalls
Attack Detection and Response with iptables, psad, and fwsnort
By Michael Rash
Locksport Cover
By Jos Weyers, Matt Burrough, Walter Belgers, BandEAtoZ, and Nigel K. Tolley
Malware Data Science
Attack Detection and Attribution
By Joshua Saxe with Hillary Sanders
Metasploit Cover
The Penetration Tester's Guide
By David Kennedy, Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns, and Mati Aharoni
Penetration Testing: A Hands-on Introduction to Hacking
A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking
By Georgia Weidman
Pentesting Azure Applications
The Definitive Guide to Testing and Securing Deployments
By Matt Burrough
By Manul Laphroaig
PoC GTFO, Volume 2 Cover
By Manul Laphroaig
PoC||GTFO, Volume 3 Cover
By Manul Laphroaig
Practical Binary Analysis
Build Your Own Linux Tools for Binary Instrumentation, Analysis, and Disassembly
By Dennis Andriesse
Practical Forensic Imaging
Securing Digital Evidence with Linux Tools
By Bruce Nikkel
Practical IoT Hacking
The Definitive Guide to Attacking the Internet of Things
By Fotios Chantzis, Ioannis Stais, Paulino Calderon, Evangelos Deirmentzoglou, Beau Woods
Practical Linux Forensics Cover
A Guide for Digital Investigators
By Bruce Nikkel
Practical Malware Analysis
The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software
By Michael Sikorski and Andrew Honig
Practical Packet Analysis, 3rd Edition
Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems
By Chris Sanders
Practical Social Engineering Cover
A Primer for the Ethical Hacker
By Joe Gray
Practical Vulnerability Management cover
A Strategic Approach to Managing Cyber Risk
By Andrew Magnusson
Real-World Bug Hunting
A Field Guide to Web Hacking
By Peter Yaworski
Rootkits and Bootkits
Reversing Modern Malware and Next Generation Threats
By Alex Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov, and Sergey Bratus
Serious Cryptography
A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption
By Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Silence on the Wire
A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks
By Michal Zalewski
The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy
Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online
By Violet Blue
Steal This Computer Book 4.0
What They Won't Tell You About the Internet
By Wallace Wang
The Tangled Web
A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications
By Michal Zalewski
The Art of Cyberwarfare Cover
An Investigator's Guide to Espionage, Ransomware, and Organized Cybercrime
By Jon DiMaggio
The Art of Mac Malware
The Guide to Analyzing Malicious Software
By Patrick Wardle
The Ghidra Book
The Definitive Guide
By Chris Eagle and Kara Nance
The Hardware Hacker
Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware
By Andrew “bunnie” Huang
The Hardware Hacking Handbook
Breaking Embedded Security with Hardware Attacks
By Colin O'Flynn and Jasper van Woudenberg
The Practice Of Network Security Monitoring
Understanding Incident Detection and Response
By Richard Bejtlich
Web Security for Developers
By Malcolm McDonald