System Administration

The Book of GNS3

Book of GNS3

Jason C. Neumann

The Book of GNS3 teaches you to use GNS3 to simulate network connections and troubleshoot potential problems, all using a single computer.

Designing BSD Rootkits

Designing BSD Rootkits

Joseph Kong

"If you understand C and want to learn how to manipulate the FreeBSD kernel, Designing BSD Rootkits is for you. Peer into the depths of a powerful operating system and bend it to your will!"
—Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity

DevOps for the Desperate Cover

DevOps for the Desperate

Bradley Smith

A hands-on, no-nonsense guide for those who land in a DevOps environment and need to get up and running quickly.

Linux Firewalls

Linux Firewalls

Michael Rash

"Between 2000 and mid-2008, I've read and reviewed nearly 250 technical books. I've also written several books, so I believe I can recognize a great book when I see it. Linux Firewalls is a great book."
Richard Bejtlich,, from the foreword to Linux Firewalls

View a sample chapter, Chapter 10: Deploying fwsnort

Nagios, 2nd Edition

Nagios, 2nd Edition

Wolfgang Barth

"This book is incredibly detailed, and Wolfgang has done an excellent job. I don’t think I could have gone into that much detail if I wrote a book myself. Kudos!"
Ethan Galstad, Nagios main developer

Download Chapter 18: "NagVis"

Network Flow Analysis

Network Flow Analysis

Michael W. Lucas

Network Flow Analysis teaches the busy network administrator how to build every component of a flow-based network awareness system, and how network analysis and auditing can help address problems and improve network reliability.

Practical Doomsday

Practical Doomsday

Michal Zalewski

Outlines a model for evaluating risks in your life, as well as preparing for a wide range of potential crises.

The Book of Kubernetes Cover

The Book of Kubernetes

Alan Hohn

This hands-on guidebook explains the inner workings of containers, and shows how Kubernetes helps computing, networking, and storage.