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Black Hat GraphQL

by Dolev Farhi and Nick Aleks
February 2023, 352 pp.
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Web applications are increasingly using the query language GraphQL to share data, but the security of these useful APIs is lagging behind. Written for hackers by hackers, this hands-on book teaches penetration testers how to identify vulnerabilities in apps that use GraphQL, while introducing a number of exploits that are not yet widely known, and showing readers how to use GraphQL as a hacking tool.

Early chapters provide In-depth knowledge of GraphQL and its query language, as well as the mechanisms of GraphQL APIs. Readers will then be guided through setting up a hacking lab for targeting GraphQL applications, and exploit these APIs with specialized GraphQL security tools. The book also shows readers how to conduct offensive security tests against production GraphQL systems, how to glean information from GraphQL implementations during reconnaissance, and how to probe APIs for vulnerabilities, like injections, information disclosure, and Denial of Service.

Author Bio 

Dolev Farhi is a security engineer and author with extensive experience leading security engineering teams in complex environments and scale in the Fintech and cyber security industries. Currently, he is the Principal Security Engineer at Wealthsimple, building defenses for one of the fastest Fintech companies in North America. Dolev has previously worked for several security firms and provided training for official Linux certification tracks. He is one of the founders of DEFCON Toronto (DC416), a popular Toronto-based hacker group. In his spare time, he enjoys researching vulnerabilities in IoT devices, participating and building CTF challenges and contributing exploits to Exploit-DB.

Nick Aleks is a leader in Toronto's cybersecurity community and a distinguished and patented security engineer, speaker, and researcher. He is currently the Senior Director of Security at Wealthsimple, leads his own security firm, ASEC.IO, and is a Senior Advisory Board member for HackStudent, University of Guelph, as well as George Brown's Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence programs. A founder of DEFCON Toronto, he specializes in offensive security and penetration testing and has over 10 years of experience hacking everything from websites, safes, locks, cars, drones, and even smart buildings.

Table of contents 

1: An Introduction to GraphQL
2: Setting up a GraphQL Security Lab
3: The GraphQL Attack Surface
4: Reconnaissance
5: Denial of Service

6: Information Disclosure
7: Authentication and Authorization Bypasses
8: Injection
9: Request Forgery and Hijacking
10: Disclosed Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Appendix A: GraphQL API Testing Checklist
Appendix B: GraphQL Security Resources

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