Early Access

Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters
By Justin Seitz and Tim Arnold
Carbon: One Atom's Odyssey
By John Barnett
Crypto Dictionary Cover
500 Tasty Tidbits for the Curious Cryptographer
By Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Cyberjutsu Cover
Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja
By Ben McCarty
Deep Learning Cover
By Andrew Glassner
Dive Into Algorithms Cover
A Pythonic Adventure for the Intrepid Beginner
By Bradford Tuckfield
Hello Web Design Cover
Design Fundamentals and Shortcuts for Non-Designers
By Tracy Osborn
How Linux Works cover
What Every Superuser Should Know
By Brian Ward
Kill It with Fire Cover
Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones)
By Marianne Bellotti
Learn Python Visually Front Cover
By Tristan Bunn
A Project-Based Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
By Dale Lane
Learn to Code Secure and Reliable Network Services from Scratch
By Adam Woodbeck
A Python-Based Introduction
By Ronald T. Kneusel
Practical IoT Hacking Cover
The Definitive Guide to Attacking the Internet of Things
By Fotios Chantzis, Ioannis Stais, Paulino Calderon, Evangelos Deirmentzoglou, Beau Woods