Early Access

An Artist's Guide to Programming Cover
By Jim Parker
May 2022 $34.99
Androids Cover
The Team That Built the Android Operating System
By Chet Haase
May 2022 $24.99
Cover coming soon
A Hands-On Introduction with Over 55 Projects
By John Boxall
November 2022 $44.99
Bare Metal C cover
Embedded Programming for the Real World
By Stephen Oualline
June 2022 $49.99
Cover Coming Soon
A Practical Guide
By Elonka Dunin and Klaus Schmeh
October 2022 $29.99
Cover coming soon
By Bradford Tuckfield
October 2022 $39.99
Data Structures the Fun Way Cover
From Binary Search to QuadTrees in 100 Cups of Coffee
By Jeremy Kubica
November 2022 $29.99
Dead Simple Python Cover
Idiomatic Python for Impatient Programmers
By Jason C. McDonald
October 2022 $39.99
DevOps for the Desperate Cover
A Hands-On Survival Guide
By Bradley Smith
June 2022 $29.99
Dive Into Systems
A Gentle Introduction to Computer Systems
By Suzanne J. Matthews, Tia Newhall, and Kevin C. Webb
June 2022 $79.99
Cover coming soon image
An Introduction to Coding, Anaconda, JupyterLab, and the Scientific Libraries
By Lee Vaughan
October 2022 $49.99
Engineering in Plain Sight Cover
An Illustrated Field Guide to the Constructed Environment
By Grady Hillhouse
September 2022 $39.99
Functional Programming for Physics Geeks Cover
By Scott N. Walck
October 2022 $49.99
Getting Started with LEGO® MINDSTORMS Cover
By Barbara Bratzel and Rob Torok
September 2022 $19.99
How to Hack Like a Legend Cover
Breaking Windows
By Sparc Flow
September 2022 $29.99
Cover Coming Soon
A Practical Introduction to Software, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering
By Grady Koch
July 2023 $34.99
Mastering LEGO® MINDSTORMS Cover
Build Better Robots with Python and Word Blocks
By Barbara Bratzel and Rob Torok
October 2022 $19.99
Cover Coming Soon
By Megan Miller
January 2023 $24.99
Modeling and Simulation in Python Cover
Use Computation to Predict and Explain the World
By Allen B. Downey
October 2022 $39.99
Cover Coming Soon
The Inner Beauty of Electronic Components
By Windell Oskay and Eric Schlaepfer
September 2022 $39.99
Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition Cover
A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming
By Eric Matthes
October 2022 $44.99
Python for Data Science cover
A Hands-On Introduction
By Yuli Vasiliev
June 2022 $29.99
Cover Coming Soon
A Playful Introduction to Programming
By Jason R. Briggs
October 2022 $34.99
Strange Code Cover
14 Esoteric Programming Languages to Make You Think
By Ronald T. Kneusel
September 2022 $49.99
The Art of Clean Code
Best Practices to Eliminate Complexity and Simplify Your Life
By Christian Mayer
June 2022 $29.99
The Book of I2C cover
A Guide for Adventurers
By Randall Hyde
October 2022 $49.99
The Book of Kubernetes Cover
A Hands-on Deep Dive into Container Technology
By Alan Hohn
October 2022 $59.99
The Book of Recursion Cover
Ace the Coding Interview with Python and JavaScript
By Al Sweigart
July 2022 $39.99