Early Access

Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python Cover
Best Practices for Writing Clean Code
By Al Sweigart
Crypto Dictionary Front Cover
By Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Cyberjutsu Cover
Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja
By Ben McCarty
Deep Learning Cover
By Andrew Glassner
Dive Into Algorithms Cover
A Pythonic Adventure for the Intrepid Beginner
By Bradford Tuckfield
How Computers Really Work Cover
A Hands-On Guide to the Inner Workings of the Machine
By Matthew Justice
How the Internet Really Works Cover
An Illustrated Guide to Protocols, Privacy, Censorship, and Governance
Kill It with Fire Cover
Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones)
By Marianne Bellotti
Machine Learning for Kids Cover
A Playful Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
By Dale Lane
Physical Modeling with MATLAB  cover
A Hands-on Guide to Computation and Simulation
By Allen Downey
Practical Deep Learning with Python Cover
A Hands-On Introduction
By Ronald T. Kneusel
Racket Programming the Fun Way Cover
From Strings to Turing Machines
By James W. Stelly
Scratch 3 Programming Playground Cover
By Al Sweigart
Build a Website with HTML & CSS
By Sam Taylor