Early Access

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python cover
Practical Programming for Total Beginners
By Al Sweigart
Spring 2025 $44.99
Black Hat Bash cover
Bash Scripting for Hackers and Pentesters
By Dolev Farhi, Nick Aleks
Fall 2024 $59.99
C++ Crash Course, 2nd edition cover
A Fast-Paced Introduction
By Joshua Lospinoso
Spring 2025 $59.99
Computer Architecture cover
By Charles Fox
March 2024 $59.99
Designing Electronics That Work
By Hunter Scott
January 2025 $34.99
Evasive Malware Cover
Understanding Deceptive and Self-Defending Threats
By Kyle Cucci
July 2024 $69.99
Field Expedient SDR, Volume One	placeholder cover
By Paul Clark and David Clark
Spring 2025 $24.99
Cover Coming Soon
By Jeremy Kubica
November 2024 $54.99
Introduction to Computer Organization: ARM	placeholder cover
By Robert G. Plantz
December 2024 $59.99
By Stewart N. Weiss
Spring 2025 $89.99
Kotlin for the Curious placeholder cover
By Faisal Islam
November 2024 $44.99
Math for Programming placeholder cover
By Ronald T. Kneusel
January 2025 $49.99
Math Hacks for Scratch placeholder cover
By Michael Mays
July 2024 $24.99
Metasploit, 2nd Edition cover
By David Kennedy, Mati Aharoni, Devon Kearns, Jim O’Gorman, and Daniel Graham
August 2024 $59.99
PHP Crash Course Cover
By Matt Smith
December 2024 $69.99
R for the Rest of Us Cover
A Statistics-Free Introduction
By David Keyes
May 2024 $59.99
Serious Cryptography, 2nd Edition placeholder cover
By Jean-Philippe Aumasson
August 2024 $59.99
Tabletop Exercises placeholder cover
By Robert Lelewski and John Hollenberger
September 2024 $59.99
The Art of ARM Assembly placeholder cover
By Randall Hyde
January 2025 $89.99
The Art of Mac Malware Volume 2 cover
By Patrick Wardle
Fall 2024 $49.99
Batch Scripting cover
From Fundamentals to Advanced Automation
By Jack McLarney
May 2024 $59.99
LEGO Builder's Handbook placeholder cover
By Deepak Shenoy
September 2024 $29.99
The Nature of Code cover image
By Daniel Shiffman
July 2024 $39.99
Writing a C Compiler Cover
Build a Real Programming Language from Scratch
By Nora Sandler
July 2024 $69.99