25 Scratch Games for Kids
A Playful Guide to Coding
By Max Wainewright
October 2019 $19.95
Learn to Program with Scratch
A Visual Introduction to Programming with Games, Art, Science, and Math
By Majed Marji
February 2014 $34.95
Machine Learning for Kids Cover
A Project-Based Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
By Dale Lane
February 2021 $34.95
Make Your Own Scratch Games!
By Anna Anthropy
July 2019 $17.95
Math Hacks for Scratch placeholder cover
By Michael Mays
July 2024 $24.99
The Official ScratchJr Book
Help Your Kids Learn to Code
By Marina Umaschi Bers and Mitchel Resnick
October 2015 $19.95
Scratch 3 Programming Playground Cover
By Al Sweigart
January 2021 $24.99
ScratchJr Coding Cards
Creative Coding Activities
By Marina Umaschi Bers and Amanda Sullivan
July 2018 $24.95
Super Scratch Programming Adventure! (Scratch 3)
By The LEAD Project
August 2019 $19.95
Box Front Cover
Creative Coding Activities for Kids
By Natalie Rusk and the Scratch Team
May 2019 $19.99