Dead Simple Python

Jason C. McDonald

A thorough intro to every feature of the language, for programmers who are impatient to write production code.

Dive Into Data Science cover

Dive Into Data Science

Bradford Tuckfield

Teaches you how to collect and work with data in business settings, and how to analyze data sets using Python code.

Gray Hat Python

Gray Hat Python

Justin Seitz

The first Python book written for security analysts, Gray Hat Python explains the intricacies of using Python to assist in security analysis tasks. You'll learn how to design your own debuggers, create powerful fuzzers, utilize open source libraries to automate tedious tasks, interface with security tools, and more.

Mission Python

Mission Python

Sean McManus

Mission Python will teach you how to program an adventure game in this hands-on, beginner-friendly introduction to coding in Python.

Object-Oriented Python Cover

Object-Oriented Python

Irv Kalb

A hands-on tutorial that goes deep into OOP, showing you how to combine data and code into reusable units.

Python Crash Course 3rd Edition Cover

Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition

Eric Matthes

This fast-paced intro to programming with Python will have you writing code, solving problems, and making cool projects in no time.

Python Flash Cards

Python Flash Cards

Eric Matthes

Python Flash Cards help new Python coders drill and reinforce the concepts, syntax, and terminology they'll need to become successful professional programmers.

Python for Data Science cover

Python for Data Science

Yuli Vasiliev

Introduces you to the Pythonic world of data analysis with a learn-by-doing approach rooted in hands-on activities.

Python for Kids, 2nd Edition Cover

Python for Kids, 2nd Edition

Jason R. Briggs

The second edition of the best-selling Python for Kids—which brings you (and your parents) into the world of programming—has been completely updated to use the latest version of Python, along with tons of new projects!

Python Playground, 2nd Edition Cover

Python Playground, 2nd Edition

Mahesh Venkitachalam

Put the fun back in programming with 3D simulations, speech-recognition systems, IoT devices, and more.

Python Tools for Scientists Cover

Python Tools for Scientists

Lee Vaughan

An introduction to the language and its tools for anyone who wants to use Python for research and simulations.

Serious Python

Serious Python

Julien Danjou

Serious Python is a collection of practical, real-world advice for tackling common Python developer-level problems.

The Art of Clean Code

The Art of Clean Code

Christian Mayer

Uses 8 core principles, with a focus on simplicity and functionality, to teach you how to write clear, concise code.

The Book of Dash Cover

The Book of Dash

Adam Schroeder, Christian Mayer, and Ann Marie Ward

A practical, fast-paced introduction to building interactive data-visualization dashboard apps in Python.