PoC||GTFO, Volume 3 Cover

PoC||GTFO, Volume 3

by Manul Laphroaig
January 2021, 800 pp.

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The International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The Fuck Out is a celebrated collection of short essays on computer security, reverse engineering and retrocomputing topics by many of the world's most famous hackers. This third volume contains all articles from releases 14 to 18 in the form of an actual, bound bible.

Topics include how to dump the ROM from one of the most secure Sega Genesis games ever created; how to create a PDF that is also a Git repository; how to extract the Game Boy Advance BIOS ROM; how to sniff Bluetooth Low Energy communications with the BCC Micro:Bit; how to conceal ZIP Files in NES Cartridges; how to remotely exploit a TetriNET Server; and more.

The journal exists to remind us of what a clever engineer can build from a box of parts and a bit of free time. Not to showcase what others have done, but to explain how they did it so that readers can do these and other clever things themselves.

Author Bio 

Pastor Manul Laphroaig curates PoC || GTFO with a fine gang of friends and neighbors. Many of his essays are featured in the book, including "Concerning Desert Studies, Cyberwar, and the Desert Power," "That car by the bear ain't got no fire; or, A Sermon on Alternators, Voltmeters, and Debugging," and "Do you have a moment to talk about Enlightenment?"

Table of contents 


14 High Five to the Heavens

14:02 Z-Ring Phreaking by Vicki Pfau
14:03 Concerning Desert Studies by Manul Laphroaig
14:04 Texting with Flush+Reload by Taylor Hornby
14:05 Anti-Keylogging with Noise by Mike Myers
14:06 Random NOPs in ARM by Timmers and Spruyt
14:07 Ethernet Over GDB by Micah Elizabeth Scott
14:08 Control Panel Vulnerabilities by Geoff Chappell
14:09 Hash Function Pseudo-Fixpoints by Greg Kopf
14:10 A PDF That Shows Its Own MD5 by Mako
14:11 A GIF shows its own MD5! by Kristoffer “spq” Janke
14:12 MD5 NES Polyglot by Evan Sultanik and Evan Teran

15 I Slipped a Little

15:02 Pier Solar and the Great Reverser by Brandon L. Wilson
15:03 The Alternator Sermon by Manul Laphroaig
15:04 Text2Com by Saumil Shah
15:05 RISC-V Shellcode by Don A. Bailey
15:06 Cracking Gumball by 4am and Peter Ferrie
15:07 A PDF that is a Git Repo by Evan Sultanik
15:08 Zero Overhead Networking by Robert Graham
15:09 Detecting MIPS16 Emulation by Goodspeed and Speers
15:10 Tracing Race Conditions by BSDaemon and NadavCh
15:11 x86 without Data Fetches by Chris Domas
15:12 Java Key Store’s Coffin by Tobias “floyd” Ospelt
15:13 The PNG Gamma Trick by Hector Martin ‘marcan’

16 Laphroaig Races the Runtime Relinker

16:02 Sapere aude! by Manul Laphroaig
16:03 Emulating my Chevy by Brandon L. Wilson
16:04 Wafer Thin Locks by Deviant Ollam
16:05 Uses for Useless Bugs by EA
16:06 Fragmented Chunks by Yannay Livneh
16:07 Executing Unmapped Thumb by Maribel Hearn
16:08 Naming Network Interfaces by Cornelius Diekmann
16:09 Obfuscation via Symbolic Regression by JBS
16:10 Stack Return Addresses from Canaries by Matt Davis
16:11 Rescuing Orphans in Thumb2 by T. Goodspeed
16:12 This PDF Reverse Engineers Itself by Evan Sultanik

17 It’s damned cold outside

17:02 AES-CBC Shellcode by Spruyt and Timmers
17:03 Tall Tales of Science and Fiction by PML
17:04 Sniffing BTLE with the Micro:Bit by Damien Cauquil
17:05 Bit-Banging Ethernet by Andrew Zonenberg
17:06 The DIP Flip Whixr Trick by Joe Grand
17:07 Injecting Shared Objects on FreeBSD by Shawn Webb
17:08 Murder on the USS Table by Soldier of Fortran
17:09 Infect to Protect by Leandro Pereira

18 Montessori Soldering School

18:02 An 8 Kilobyte Mode 7 Demo by Vincent Weaver
18:03 Exploits for Kids with Scratch! by Kev Sheldrake
18:04 Concealing ZIP Files in NES Cartridges by Vi Grey
18:05 House of Fun by Yannay Livneh
18:06 Read Only Relocations for Static ELF by Ryan O’Neill
18:07 Remotely Exploiting Tetrinet by Laky and Hanslovan
18:08 KLEE Internals by Julien Vanegue
18:09 Reversing DDR3 Scrambling by Nico Heijningen
18:10 SHA-1 Collisions with PDFLaTeX by Ange Albertini

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