Crypto Dictionary Front Cover

Crypto Dictionary

by Jean-Philippe Aumasson
February 2021, 160 pp.
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Rigorous in its definitions yet easy to read, Crypto Dictionary covers the field of cryptography in an approachable, and sometimes humorous way.

This book will become the go-to dictionary (and encyclopedia) for crypto novices and experts alike. It covers technical terms found in modern software, such as "pseudorandom function," while providing important context for historical references like the "crypto wars," sharing amusing anecdotes (ever heard of the "Hasty Pudding Cipher"?), and describing major conferences in the field, including Eurocrypt and Real World Crypto.

Crypto Dictionary describes the field's most innovative techniques, like zero-knowledge proofs and isogenies, as well as those developed in the context of blockchain applications, in a broadly approachable way.

Author Bio 

Jean-Philippe (JP) Aumasson is the Chief Security Officer and cofounder of Taurus Group, a Swiss financial tech company specializing in digital assets infrastructure. Since 2006, he has authored more than 60 research articles in the field of cryptography and designed the widely used hash functions BLAKE2 and SipHash. The author of the acclaimed book Serious Cryptography (No Starch Press, 2017), he speaks regularly at information security and technology conferences.