Hardware Hacking Handbook

The Hardware Hacking Handbook

by Colin O'Flynn and Jasper van Woudenberg
Postponed, 300 pp.
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The Hardware Hacking Handbook is a deep dive into hardware attacks on embedded systems, perfect for anyone interested in designing, analyzing, and attacking devices. You'll start with a crash course in embedded systems and threats to them, as well as hardware interfaces and how to set up a test lab, all while learning invaluable theoretical background. Real-life examples and hands-on labs throughout allow you to explore hardware interfaces and complete various side channel or fault attacks on real devices. You'll learn fault injection attacks and methods like voltage glitching, clock glitching, and optical and electromagnetic fault injection, side channel power analysis, and differential fault analysis.

Author Bio 

Colin O'Flynn runs NewAE Technology Inc., a startup designing tools and equipment to teach engineers about embedded security. He started the open-source ChipWhisperer project as part of his PhD, which is now supported by NewAE Technology Inc. He lives in Halifax, Canada.

Jasper van Woudenberg is CTO North America of Riscure, a global security test lab and tools leader for embedded and connected devices. Jasper taught himself software reverse engineering in his teens, and at Riscure has co-authored various academic publications on side channel and fault attacks. Jasper teaches courses at conferences such a Black Hat, trains Riscure colleagues, and is a regular conference speaker. He lives in San Francisco, USA, and likes to spend his time with his family or on a mountain bike.