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Practical SQL, 2nd Edition Cover

Practical SQL, 2nd Edition

Anthony DeBarros

A fast-paced guide to SQL – the language for defining, organizing, and exploring relational data.

Object-Oriented Python Cover

Object-Oriented Python

Irv Kalb

A hands-on tutorial that goes deep into OOP, showing you how to combine data and code into reusable units.

Rust for Rustaceans Cover

Rust for Rustaceans

Jon Gjengset

Bridges the gap between beginners and professionals, enabling you to write apps, build libraries, and organize projects in Rust.

The Hardware Hacking Handbook

The Hardware Hacking Handbook

Colin O'Flynn and Jasper van Woudenberg

Cracks open embedded security to show how hardware attacks work from the inside out.

Designing Secure Software

Designing Secure Software

Loren Kohnfelder

An elegant, team-oriented guide for building security into the software design process.

Practical Linux Forensics Cover

Practical Linux Forensics

Bruce Nikkel

A practitioner’s guide focused on postmortem analysis of modern Linux installations.

Bug Bounty Bootcamp

Bug Bounty Bootcamp

Vickie Li

A beginner's guide to web hacking, bug hunting, reporting vulnerabilities – and getting paid for it.

Math for Deep Learning Cover

Math for Deep Learning

Ronald T. Kneusel

Covers DL's core numerical concepts, using Python to illustrate each subfield of math and its application.

Art of 64 bit assembly

The Art of 64-Bit Assembly

Randall Hyde

Builds off its timeless predecessor, with a modern focus on writing programs using the x86 MASM.

Ethical Hacking Cover

Ethical Hacking

Daniel G. Graham

A crash course in modern hacking techniques, with lots of hands-on labs for aspiring offensive security experts.

Game Console 2 Cover

The Game Console 2.0

Evan Amos

Expands on the first edition's collection of photos and facts documenting the history of gaming systems.

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Practical Doomsday

Practical Doomsday

Michal Zalewski

Outlines a model for evaluating risks in your life, as well as preparing for a wide range of potential crises.

Go H*ck Yourself Cover

Go H*ck Yourself

Bryson Payne

A hands-on intro to hacking that guides you through executing every major type of attack (from the safety of a virtual lab).

The Art of Cyberwarfare Cover

The Art of Cyberwarfare

Jon DiMaggio

A detailed guide to nation-state hacking methods that shows how to track, analyze, and attribute advanced attacks.

Androids Cover


Chet Haase

The history of Android has only been told in bits and pieces – until now. This is the real story of how the world’s most widely used operating system came to be.

The Art of Mac Malware

The Art of Mac Malware

Patrick Wardle

A handbook for Apple infection methods, malicious script analysis, and Mach-O malware.

Practical Social Engineering Cover

Practical Social Engineering

Joe Gray

A hands-on look at the cyber attacks that target human nature, with pentesting templates for performing SE ops, and tips for defending against them.

Bare Metal C cover

Bare Metal C

Stephen Oualline

Teaches you how to program embedded devices with the C programming language.

Hacking APIs

Hacking APIs

Corey Ball

Learn how to test APIs for security vulnerabilities so you can uncover high-payout bugs and improve the security of web apps.

The Art of Clean Code

The Art of Clean Code

Christian Mayer

Uses 8 core principles, with a focus on simplicity and functionality, to teach you how to write clear, maintainable code.

Dive Into Systems

Dive Into Systems

Suzanne J. Matthews, Tia Newhall, and Kevin C. Webb

This college-level teaching tool is a vivid, layer-by-layer intro to computer organization, architecture, and software components.

The Art of Machine Learning Cover

The Art of Machine Learning

Norman Matloff

A practical guidebook on how to make full use of powerful machine learning methods—without the advanced math