Cyberjutsu Cover


Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja
by Ben McCarty
April 2021, 170 pp.
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Download Chapter 13: WORM AGENT

Cyberjutsu is a revolutionary approach to information security based on authentic, formerly classified Ninja scrolls. It synthesizes today's infosec field with the tactics and techniques used by ancient Japanese ninjas – history’s original Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Written by Ben McCarty, a former NSA developer and the U.S. Army’s first cyber warfare specialist, this essential handbook for cyber defenders draws fascinating parallels between the stealth warriors of feudal Japan and modern cybersecurity concepts, analyzing how real ninjas practiced information assurance, infiltration, and espionage requiring covert access to heavily fortified organizations.

Aimed at infosec experts and non-technical readers alike, the book teaches over a dozen ancient approaches to modern security problems. You’ll see why mapping your network like an adversary can be used to your advantage; you’ll discover the effectiveness social-engineering techniques used by ninjas to slip into castles; and you’ll engage in “castle” thought exercises that will teach you to think like a true cyber ninja.

You'll learn

  • How ninja-based security concepts map to the NIST 800-53 Framework
  • Anti-attribution tactics used by ninjas to protect their employer and punish the enemy
  • Secret infiltration techniques with flexible applications, like Shinobi
  • Overcoming identification challenges, double-sealed passwords, getting past “the guardhouse,” and other modernizations of ancient tactics
  • How to place network sensors and install backdoors like a ninja
  • Ninja command-and-control techniques

By trade, cyber defenders look toward problems of the future, but Cyberjutsu posits we have much to learn from brilliant warriors of the past.

Author Bio 

Ben McCarty is a cyber security specialist and former NSA developer. He served in the U.S. Army's Network Warfare Battalion and became the first fully qualified cyber warfare specialist (35Q) in U.S. Army history. McCarty has multiple pending security patents in DNS, Blockchain, Biometrics, and Quantum.

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: Mapping Networks
Chapter 2: Guarding with Special Care
Chapter 3: Xenophobic Security
Chapter 4: Identification Challenges
Chapter 5: Double-Sealed Password
Chapter 6: Hours of Infiltration
Chapter 7: Access to Time
Chapter 8:Tools
Chapter 9: Sensors
Chapter 10: Bridges and Ladders
Chapter 11: Locks
Chapter 12: Moon on the Water
Chapter 13: Worm Agent
Chapter 14: Ghost on the Moon
Chapter 15: The Art of the Fireflies
Chapter 16: Live Capture
Chapter 17: Fire Attack
Chapter 18: Covert Communication
Chapter 19: Call Signs
Chapter 20: Light, Noise, and Litter Discipline
Chapter 21: Circumstances of Infiltration
Chapter 22: Zero Days
Chapter 23: Hiring Shinobi
Chapter 24: Guardhouse Behavior
Chapter 25: Zero Suspicion Threat Management
Chapter 26: Shinobi Tradecraft

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