How to Hack Like a Ghost Cover

How to Hack Like a Ghost

Breaching the Cloud
by Sparc Flow
May 2021, 264 pp.

Download Chapter 4: HEALTHY STALKING

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Go deep into the mind of a master hacker as he breaks into a hostile, cloud-based security environment. Sparc Flow invites you to shadow him every step of the way, from recon to infiltration, as you hack a shady, data-driven political consulting firm. While the target is fictional, the corporation’s vulnerabilities are based on real-life weaknesses in today’s advanced cybersecurity defense systems. You’ll experience all the thrills, frustrations, dead-ends, and eureka moments of his mission first-hand, while picking up practical, cutting-edge techniques for penetrating cloud technologies.

There are no do-overs for hackers, so your training starts with basic OpSec procedures, using an ephemeral OS, Tor, bouncing servers, and detailed code to build an anonymous, replaceable hacking infrastructure guaranteed to avoid detection. From there, you’ll examine some effective recon techniques, develop tools from scratch, and deconstruct low-level features in common systems to gain access to the target. Spark Flow’s clever insights, witty reasoning, and stealth maneuvers teach you how to think on your toes and adapt his skills to your own hacking tasks.

You'll learn:

  • How to set up and use an array of disposable machines that can renew in a matter of seconds to change your internet footprint
  • How to do effective recon, like harvesting hidden domains and taking advantage of DevOps automation systems to trawl for credentials
  • How to look inside and gain access to AWS’s storage systems
  • How cloud security systems like Kubernetes work, and how to hack them
  • Dynamic techniques for escalating privileges

Packed with interesting tricks, ingenious tips, and links to external resources, this fast-paced, hands-on guide to penetrating modern cloud systems will help hackers of all stripes succeed on their next adventure.

Author Bio 

Sparc Flow is a computer security expert specializing in ethical hacking, who has presented his research at international security conferences like Black Hat, DEF CON, Hack In The Box, and more. While his day job consists mainly of performing penetration tests against companies so they can patch vulnerabilities, his passion is writing and sharing hacking knowledge through his acclaimed Hack the Planet books.

Table of contents 


Part 1: Catch Me If You Can
1. Becoming Anonymous
2. Return of Command and Control
3. Let There Be Infrastructure
Part 2: Try Harder
4. Healthy Stalking
5. Vulnerability Seeking
Part 3: Total Immersion
6. Fracture
7. Behind the Curtain
8. Shawshank Redemption: Breaking Out
9. Sticky Shell
Part 4: The Enemy Inside
10. The Enemy Inside
11. Nevertheless, We Persisted
12. Apotheosis
13. Final Cut


"Spark Flow uses a realistic scenario to aid the reader in understanding how to hack modern cloud infrastructures. From reconnaissance to post-exploitation, the author guides the reader through the process of hacking a fictional enterprise's cloud environment, utilising some of the latest tooling employed in the industry today. This unique approach makes for an engaging read. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to sharpen their hacking skills against modern cloud solutions.”
—Ed, EdOverflow


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