PoC GTFO, Volume 2 Cover

PoC||GTFO, Volume 2

by Manul Laphroaig
August 2018, 768 pp.
Full-color insert, leatherette Bible cover, bible paper, bookmark ribbon, printed page edge

The International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The Fuck Out is a celebrated magazine of reverse engineering, retro-computing, and systems internals. This second collected volume holds all of the articles from releases nine to thirteen.

Learn how to patch the firmware of a handheld amateur radio, then emulate that radio's proprietary audio code under Linux. How to slow the Windows kernel when exploiting a race condition and how to make a PDF file that is also an Android app, an audio file, or a Gameboy speedrun. How to hack a Wacom pen table with voltage glitching, then hack it again by pure software to read RDID tags from its surface. How to disassemble every last byte of an Atari game and how to bypass every classic form of copy protection on Apple ][.

But above all else, beyond the nifty tricks and silly songs, this book exists to remind you what a clever engineer can build from a box of parts with a bit of free time. Not to show you what others have done, but to show you how they did it so that you can do the same.

Author Bio 

Pastor Manul Laphroaig curates PoC or GTFO with a fine gang of friends and neighbors. Many of his essays are featured in the book, including "Epistle to Hats of All Colors," "Sermon on the Divinity of Languages," and "Build Your Own Fucking Birdfeeder."

Table of contents 


9 - Elegies of the Second Crypto War
9:1 Zen and the Art of PoC
9:2 From Newton to Turing by Manul Laphroaig
9:3 Globalstar Satellite Comms by Colby Moore
9:4 Pool Spray Tips by Peter Hlavaty
9:5 2nd Underhanded Crypto by Birr-Pixton and Arciszewski
9:6 Cross-VM Side Channels by Sophia D’Antoine
9:7 Antivirus Tumors by Eric Davisson
9:8 Brewing TCP/IPA by Ron Fabela
9:9 APRS and AX.25 Shenanigans by Vogelfrei
9:10 Galaksija by Voja Antoníc
9:11 Root Rights are a Grrl’s Best Friend by fbz
9:12 What if you could listen to this PDF? by Philippe Teuwen
9:13 Oona’s Puzzle Corner by Oona Räisänen

10 - The Theater of Literate Disassembly
10:1 Please stand; now, please be seated
10:2 The Little, Brown Dog by Manul Laphroaig
10:3 Pokémon Plays Twitch by DwangoAC, Ilari and P4Plus2
10:4 This PDF is a Gameboy exploit by Philippe Teuwen
10:5 SWD Marionettes by Micah Elizabeth Scott
10:6 Reversing a Pregnancy Test by Amanda Wozniak
10:7 Apple ][ Copy-Protection Techniques by Peter Ferrie
10:8 Reverse Engineering the MD380 by Travis Goodspeed

11 - Welcoming Shores of the Great Unknown
11:1 All aboard!
11:2 In Praise of Junk Hacking by M. Laphroaig
11:3 Star Wars on a Vector Display by Trammell Hudson
11:4 MBR Nibbles by Eric Davisson
11:5 E7 Protection of the Apple ][ by Peter Ferrie
11:6 A Tourist’s Guide to Cortex M by Goodspeed and Speers
11:7 Ghetto CFI by Jeffrey Crowell
11:8 A Tourist’s Guide to MSP430 by Speers and Goodspeed
11:9 The Treachery of Files by Evan Sultanik
11:10 In Memory of Ben Byer by Fail0verflow

12 - Collecting Bottles of Broken Things
12:1 Lisez Moi!
12:2 Surviving the Computation Bomb by Manul Laphroaig
12:3 Z-Wave Carols by Badenhop and Ramsey
12:4 Comma Chameleon by Krzysztof Kotowicz, Gábor Molnár
12:5 A Crisis of Existential Import by Chris Domas
12:6 Network Job Entries by Soldier of Fortran
12:7 Ирония Судьбы by Mike Myers and Evan Sultanik
12:8 UMPOwn: Ring 3 to Ring 0 in 3 Acts by Alex Ionescu
12:9 A VIM Execution Engine by Chris Domas
12:10 Doing Right by Neighbor O’Hara by Andreas Bogk
12:11 Are Androids Polyglots? by Philippe Teuwen
Charade des temps modernes

13 - Stones from the Ivory Tower, Only as Ballast
13:1 Listen up you yokels!
13:2 Reverse Engineering Star Raiders by Lorenz Wiest
13:3 How Slow Can You Go? by James Forshaw
13:4 A USB Glitching Attack by Micah Elizabeth Scott
13:5 MD380 Firmware in Linux by Travis Goodspeed
13:6 Silliness in Three Acts by Evan Sultanik
13:7 Reversing LoRa by Matt Knight
13:8 A Sermon on Plumbing, not Popper by P.M.L.
13:9 Where is ShimDBC.exe? by Geoff Chappell
13:10 A Schizophrenic Ghost by Sultanik and Teuwen

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