Linux & BSD

Ada & Zangemann Cover

Ada & Zangemann

Matthias Kirschner; illustrated by Sandra Brandstätter

A modern fairy tale that conveys the joy of tinkering and calls for self-determined use of software.

Book of Audacity

Book of Audacity

Carla Schroder

The Book of Audacity is the definitive guide to the powerful cross-platform audio editor. Transform your computer into a home recording studio as you learn to record podcasts, mix and master tracks, digitize your vinyl collection, and more.

The Book of GIMP

Book of GIMP

Olivier Lecarme and Karine Delvare

Whether you're just getting started with GIMP or working to master GIMP's more complex features, you'll find the answers you're looking for in The Book of GIMP.

Designing BSD Rootkits

Designing BSD Rootkits

Joseph Kong

"If you understand C and want to learn how to manipulate the FreeBSD kernel, Designing BSD Rootkits is for you. Peer into the depths of a powerful operating system and bend it to your will!"
—Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity

Introduction to System Programming in Linux

Stewart N. Weiss

This comprehensive introduction to Unix system programming—with an emphasis on Linux—teaches beginners how the Unix OS is designed and structured "under the hood."

Linux Firewalls

Linux Firewalls

Michael Rash

"Between 2000 and mid-2008, I've read and reviewed nearly 250 technical books. I've also written several books, so I believe I can recognize a great book when I see it. Linux Firewalls is a great book."
Richard Bejtlich,, from the foreword to Linux Firewalls

View a sample chapter, Chapter 10: Deploying fwsnort

Practical Linux Forensics Cover

Practical Linux Forensics

Bruce Nikkel

A practitioner’s guide focused on postmortem analysis of modern Linux installations.