Serious Python

Serious Python

by Julien Danjou
November 2018, 300 pp.

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Serious Python will teach you how to fine tune your Python code and give you a deeper understanding of how the language works under the hood. This essential guide distills years of Python experience into a handy collection of general advice and specific tips that will help you pick the right libraries, distribute your code correctly, build future-proof programs, and optimize your programs down to the bytecode.

Author Julien Danjou, an OpenStack contributor (the largest open source project written in Python) covers a swath of important areas like scaling, testing, and porting your code. You’ll also learn directly from Python experts and get real-world (and time-saving) advice on topics like unit testing, packaging code, performances and optimizations, and designing APIs. Elevate your code and get seriously good at Python with Serious Python!

Author Bio 

Julien Danjou is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and a contributor to OpenStack, the largest existing open source project written in Python. He has been a Free Software and Open Source hacker for the past 15 years.

Table of contents 

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Chapter 1: Starting Your Project
Chapter 2: Modules, Libraries, and Frameworks (AVAILABLE NOW!)
Chapter 3: Managing API Changes
Chapter 4: Handling Timestamps and Time Zones (AVAILABLE NOW!)
Chapter 5: Distributing Your Software (AVAILABLE NOW!)
Chapter 6: Distribution
Chapter 7: Virtual Environments
Chapter 8: Unit Testing
Chapter 9: Methods and Decorators
Chapter 10: Functional Programming
Chapter 11: The AST
Chapter 12: Performances and Optimizations
Chapter 13: Scaling and Architecture
Chapter 14: RDBMS and ORM
Chapter 15: Python 3 Support Strategies
Chapter 16: Write Less, Code More
Chapter 17: Beyond This Book