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Python Playground, 2nd Edition

by Mahesh Venkitachalam
July 2023, 352 pp
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Python is a powerful programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to play with. But once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, what's next?

Python Playground, 2nd Edition is a collection of imaginative programming projects that will inspire readers to use Python for making art and music, simulating real-world phenomena, and interacting with hardware. This second edition is fully updated to be even more user friendly and features five brand-new projects, like transforming a Raspberry Pi Pico into a playable instrument, creating an IoT system to monitor your garden,  and using machine learning to develop a speech-recognition system.

Programming shouldn’t be a chore, so have some geeky fun with Python Playground, 2nd Edition!

Author Bio 

Mahesh Venkitachalam is a consultant who works in the areas of 3D computer graphics and embedded systems. He has over two decades of programming experience, and is the founder of Electronut Labs, a consulting firm known for building interesting open source hardware.

Table of contents 

Part I: Warming Up
Chapter 1: The Koch Snowflake
Chapter 2: Spirographs
Part II: Simulating Life
Chapter 3: Conway’s Game of Life
Chapter 4: Generating Musical Overtones with the Karplus-Strong Algorithm
Chapter 5: Boids: Simulating a Flock
Part III: Fun with Images
Chapter 6: ASCII Art
Chapter 7: Photomosaics
Chapter 8: Autostereograms
Part IV: Enter 3D
Chapter 9: Understanding OpenGL
Chapter 10: Conway’s Game of Life on a Torus
Chapter 11: Volume Rendering
Part V: Hardware Hacking
Chapter 12: The Karplus-Strong Algorithm on a Raspberry Pi Pico
Chapter 13: Laser Audio Display
Chapter 14: An IoT Garden
Chapter 15: Speech Recognition with a Raspberry Pi

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Reviews of the first edition:

"If you want to become adept at doing clever things with Python, I doubt you'll find a better group of projects or more useful help for understanding how the language works."
IT World

"This is a book that belongs in every Python programmer's library."
Full Circle Magazine

"Packed with interesting projects."

"Python Playground targets programmers that want to further improve their skills and knowledge of the language. The book does a good job at explaining all relevant details and makes sure that readers get a clear pictures of what is going on."