Real-World Python cover

Real-World Python

A Hacker's Guide to Solving Problems with Code
by Lee Vaughan
November 2020, 360 pp.
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You can find code files and solutions to the book's programs at its GitHub page.

Tackle real-world problems with code.

You’ve mastered the basics. Now you’re ready to explore some of Python’s more powerful tools. Real-World Python will show you how.

Through a series of hands-on projects, you’ll investigate and solve real-world problems using sophisticated computer vision, machine learning, data analysis, and language processing tools. You’ll be introduced to important modules like OpenCV, NumPy, Pandas, NLTK, Bokeh, Beautiful Soup, Requests, HoloViews, Tkinter, turtle, matplotlib, and more. You’ll create complete, working programs and think through intriguing projects that show you how to:

  • Save shipwrecked sailors with an algorithm designed to prove the existence of God
  • Detect asteroids and comets moving against a starfield
  • Program a sentry gun to shoot your enemies and spare your friends
  • Select landing sites for a Mars probe using real NASA maps
  • Send unbreakable messages based on a book code
  • Survive a zombie outbreak using data science
  • Discover exoplanets and alien megastructures orbiting distant stars
  • Test the hypothesis that we’re all living in a computer simulation
  • And more!

If you're tired of learning the bare essentials of Python programming with isolated snippets of code, you'll relish the relevant and geeky fun of Real-World Python!

Author Bio 

Lee Vaughan is a programmer, pop culture enthusiast, educator, and author of Impractical Python Projects (No Starch Press, 2019). As an executive-level scientist at ExxonMobil, he constructed and reviewed computer models, developed and tested software, and trained geoscientists and engineers. He wrote both Impractical Python Projects and Real World Python to help self-learners hone their Python skills and have fun doing it!

Table of contents 

Chapter 1:Saving Shipwrecked Sailors with Bayes’ Rule
Chapter 2: Attributing Authorship with Stylometry
Chapter 3: Summarizing Speeches
Chapter 4: Sending Super-secret Messages
Chapter 5: Finding Pluto
Chapter 6: Winning the Moon Race with Apollo 8
Chapter 7: Selecting Martian Landing Sites
Chapter 8: Detecting Distant Exoplanets
Chapter 9: Identifying Friend or Foe
Chapter 10: Restricting Access with Face Recognition
Chapter 11: Escaping the Walking Dead with Data Science
Chapter 12: Are We Living in an Alien Simulation?
Appendix: Solutions to Practice Problems

All chapters are included in this Early Access PDF.

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