Mission Python

Mission Python

Code a Space Adventure Game!
by Sean McManus
October 2018, 280 pp.
Full Color

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Launch into coding with Mission Python, a space-themed guide to building a complete computer game in Python. You'll learn programming fundamentals like loops, strings, and lists as you build Escape!, an exciting game with a map to explore, items to collect, and tricky logic puzzles to solve. As you work through the book, you'll build exercises and mini-projects, like making a spacewalk simulator and creating an astronaut's safety checklist that will put your new Python skills to the test.

You'll learn how to use Pygame Zero, a free resource that lets you add graphics and sound effects to your creations, and you'll get useful game-making tips, such as how to design fun puzzles and intriguing maps. Before you know it, you'll have a working, awesome game to stump your friends with (and some nifty coding skills, too!). You can follow this book using a Raspberry Pi or a Microsoft Windows PC, and the 3D graphics and sound effects you need are provided as a download.

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Author Bio 

Sean McManus is an experienced computer book author, with extensive experience in writing coding books for children. His children's titles include Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps, Scratch Programming in Easy Steps, and Super Skills: How To Code in 10 Easy Lessons. He co-wrote Raspberry Pi For Dummies with Mike Cook. Sean has been a Code Club volunteer, helping junior school children to learn programming in weekly sessions. Visit his website at www.sean.co.uk.

Table of contents 


Chapter 1: Your First Spacewalk
Chapter 2: Lists Can Save Your Life
Chapter 3: Repeat After Me
Chapter 4: Creating the Space Station
Chapter 5: Preparing the Space Station Equipment
Chapter 6: Installing the Space Station Equipment
Chapter 7: Moving into the Space Station
Chapter 8: Repairing the Space Station
Chapter 9: Unpacking Your Personal Items
Chapter 10: Make Yourself Useful
Chapter 11: Activating Safety Doors
Chapter 12: Danger! Danger! Adding Safety Hazards

Appendix A: Escape: The Complete Game Listing
Appendix B: Table of Variables, Lists, and Dictionaries
Appendix C: Debugging Your Listings

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"Sean McManus has managed to put Python programming language within easy reach."
Teach Secondary

"Mission Python takes a reader from their first steps in programming to completing their first game."
Custom PC Magazine

"If you’re looking for additions to your computer science education or gifts for your budding programmer, I’d generally recommend anything from No Starch Press, but Mission Python is one of my new favorites."

"A great book to get into coding a game in Python."
—Othelo Vieira, othelovieira.com

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