Modeling and Simulation in Python Cover

Modeling and Simulation in Python

by Allen Downey
July 2022, 260 pp.

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Modeling and Simulation in Python is a thorough but easy-to-follow introduction to physical modeling—that is, the art of describing and simulating real-world systems.

Readers are guided through modeling things like world population growth, infectious disease, bungee jumping, baseball flight trajectories, celestial mechanics, and more while simultaneously developing a strong understanding of fundamental programming concepts like loops, vectors, and functions.

Clear and concise, with a focus on learning by doing, the author spares the reader abstract, theoretical complexities and gets right to hands-on examples that show how to produce useful models and simulations.

Author Bio 

Allen B. Downey is a Boston-area professor of Computer Science at Olin College and the author of a series of open-source textbooks related to software and data science, including Think Python, Think Bayes, and Think Complexity. His blog, “Probably Overthinking It,” features articles on Bayesian probability and statistics. Downey holds a Ph.D in computer science from U.C. Berkeley, and M.S. and B.S. degrees from MIT.


"Modeling and Simulation in Python is an introduction to physical modeling using a computational approach . . . Taking a computational approach makes it possible to work with more realistic models than what you typically see in a first-year physics class, with the option to include features like friction and drag."
—Python Kitchen