The Art of Clean Code Cover

The Art of Clean Code

Best Practices to Eliminate Complexity and Simplify Your Life
by Christian Mayer
April 2022, 190 pp.

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Most software developers waste thousands of hours working with overly complex code. The eight core principles in The Art of Clean Code will teach you how to write clear, maintainable code without compromising functionality. The book’s guiding principle is simplicity: reduce and simplify, then reinvest energy in the important parts to save you countless hours and ease the often onerous task of code maintenance.

Bestselling author Christian Mayer leverages his experience helping thousands perfect their coding skills in this new book. With expert advice and real-world examples, he’ll show you how to:

Author Bio 

Christian Mayer has a PhD in computer science and is the founder of the popular Python site Finxter, an educational platform that teaches more than a million people a year how to program. He has published a number of books, including the Coffee Break Python series, and is the author of Python One-Liners (No Starch Press, 2020).