Math Adventures with Python

Math Adventures with Python

Fractals, Automata, 3D Graphics, and More!
by Peter Farrell
November 2018, 304 pp.

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In Math Adventures with Python, teacher and programmer Peter Farrell shows you how to explore core math concepts deeper than ever before by writing programs in Python. Following a crash course in general programming concepts (like loops, variables, and functions), you'll learn how to use Python's built in "turtle" graphics module, a tool that lets you draw intricate shapes using programs that repeat simple moves. Then, you'll create functions and programs to solve equations and take on other hard problems.

You'll also learn to use the Processing graphics library to create interactive 2D and 3D models of physical situations like solar systems and natural environments, using code to tackle topics like physics, biology, and ecology.

Learn how to:

  • Automate repetitive arithmetic like factoring numbers and finding square roots
  • Create tools like graphers and solvers that will help you explore number patterns and learn about functions and equations
  • Create graphics like spirographs and harmonographs and explore matrices, vectors, and projectile motion
  • Draw geometric shapes like polygons, spirals, and fractals like the Koch snowflake, Sierpinski triangle and Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
  • Write fun, visual programs to find derivatives, approximate integrals and solve differential equations!

Programming gives you the power to make math more creative, interactive, approachable, and visually engaging. Whether you're struggling to understanding math and want to know what it's really used for, a math lover curious about programming, or a teacher interested in integrating programming into the classroom, Math Adventures with Python will show you how to transform math with code.

Author Bio 

Peter Farrell is a math and computer science teacher with a passion for customizing ("hacking") math and learning through technology. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and children.

Table of contents 

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Chapter 1: Drawing Polygons with Turtle (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 2: Making Tedious Arithmetic Fun with Lists and Loops (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 3: Guessing and Checking with Conditionals (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 4: Solving Equations Graphically
Chapter 5: Transforming Shapes with Geometry
Chapter 6: Creating Oscillations with Trigonometry
Chapter 7: Complex Numbers
Chapter 8: Creating 2D/3D Graphics Using Matrices
Chapter 9: Creating an Ecosystem with Classes
Chapter 10: Creating Fractals Using Recursion
Chapter 11: Cellular Automata
Chapter 12: Modeling the Solar System
Chapter 13: Creating Organisms Using Algorithms
Chapter 14: Modeling Change with Calculus