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Make Python Talk

Make Python Talk Cover
Mark Liu

Make Python Talk strengthens your programming skills by teaching you how to build voice-controlled apps with speech-recognition and text-to-speech features.

The Missing README

The Missing README front cover
Chris Riccomini and Dmitriy Ryaboy

The Missing README offers new software engineers a masterclass in professional coding practices, technical skill sets, and career tips key to success in the workplace.

The Game Console 2.0

Game Console 2 Cover
Evan Amos

The Game Console 2.0 expands on the first edition's extraordinary collection of photos and facts documenting the history of video-game hardware, now updated to include even more consoles.

Homemade Robots

Homemade Robots Cover
Randy Sarafan

Homemade Robots is a coding-free guide to building 10 simple, unique, and entertaining robots using everyday materials and a few electronic components.

Hello Web Design

Hello Web Design Cover
Tracy Osborn

Don't wish for your own website, make it yourself with Hello Web Design! Written for beginners, brimming with professional insights, and sure to inspire.

Coming Soon

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Cover
Daniel G. Graham

Ethical Hacking is a crash course in modern hacking techniques that is already being used to prepare the next generation of offensive security experts.

Math for Deep Learning

Math for Deep Learning Cover
Ronald T. Kneusel

Math for Deep Learning teaches all of the mathematical concepts behind deep learning, using programming examples to illustrate key topics in statistics, probability, and linear algebra.