Upcoming Titles at a Glance

Impractical Python Projects
By Lee Vaughan
November 2018
The LEGO BOOST Activity Book
By Daniele Benedettelli
November 2018
Linux Basics for Hackers
By OccupyTheWeb
November 2018
Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition
By Marijn Haverbeke
December 2018
Understanding Photography
By Sean T. McHugh
December 2018
Practical Binary Analysis
By Dennis Andriesse
December 2018
Serious Python
By Julien Danjou
December 2018
Math Adventures with Python
By Peter Farrell
December 2018
Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi
By Matt Timmons-Brown
December 2018
Make Your Own Pixel Art
By Jennifer Dawe and Matthew Humphries
February 2019
By Anna Anthropy
March 2019
Real-World Bug Hunting
By Peter Yaworski
March 2019 (estimated)
Rootkits and Bootkits
By Alex Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov, and Sergey Bratus
April 2019 (estimated)
C in Pictures
By Ank Co., Ltd.
May 2019
By Anna Anthropy
May 2019 (estimated)
By Cameron Coward
May 2019
Automate the Boring Stuff with PowerShell
By Adam Bertram
June 2019
C++ Crash Course
By Joshua Lospinoso
July 2019
By Anna Anthropy
July 2019
Black Hat Go
By Tom Steele, Chris Patten, and Dan Kottmann
Spring 2019 (estimated)
By ANK Co.,Ltd.
October 2019