Upcoming Titles at a Glance

Learn Python Visually Cover
By Tristan Bunn
April 2021
Cyberjutsu Cover
By Ben McCarty
April 2021
Computer Graphics from Scratch Cover
By Gabriel Gambetta
April 2021
How to Hack Like a Ghost Cover
By Sparc Flow
May 2021
Carbon: One Atom's Odyssey
By John Barnett
May 2021
Hello Web Design Cover
By Tracy Osborn
May 2021
Arduino Workshop 2e cover
By John Boxall
May 2021
The Art of WebAssembly Cover
By Rick Battagline
May 2021
How Cybersecurity Really Works Cover
By Sam Grubb
May 2021
Deep Learning Front Cover
By Andrew Glassner
June 2021
Hardcore Programming for Mechanical Engineers
By Angel Sola Orbaiceta
June 2021
The Big Book of Small Python Projects
By Al Sweigart
June 2021
Learn to Code by Solving Problems
By Daniel Zingaro
June 2021
By Yoshihito Isogawa
June 2021
LEGO Space Projects front cover
By Jeff Friesen
June 2021
Practical Social Engineering Cover
By Joe Gray
July 2021
Hacking for Kids
By Bryson Payne
Fall 2021
Physical Modeling with MATLAB  cover
By Allen Downey
Fall 2021
By Vaidehi Joshi
November 2021
Hardware Hacking Handbook
By Colin O'Flynn and Jasper van Woudenberg