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Total TypeScript

by Matt Pocock with Taylor Bell
January 2025, 424 pp.
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If you're an experienced JavaScript developer or want to level up your current TypeScript skills, with Total TypeScript, you'll learn everything you need to build a TypeScript product from scratch.

Based on a series of sold-out workshops, the material in Total TypeScript has been tested by hundreds of developers to ensure their effectiveness and value. You'll explore useful patterns you can immediately apply in your projects and helpful workarounds for TypeScript’s most common pitfalls. Dozens of exercises throughout range from writing solutions from scratch to advanced typing to debugging, so you'll be prepared for the gotchas that appear in real-world applications.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Set up a TypeScript development environment and how to leverage its superpower IDE
  • Add types to functions, arrays, and objects, and make reusable types with type aliases
  • Express object types, including index signatures, Records, and interfaces
  • Take advantage of classic object-oriented patterns in your code
  • Configure TypeScript for any situation and powerful features to design your own types

With this straightforward and approachable guide, you'll go from learning the foundations to a TypeScript wizard equipped to handle any TypeScript project that comes your way with confidence.

Author Bio 

Matt Pocock is a full-time developer educator, having worked as a developer for Vercel and He teaches workshops and builds online courses from his garden office in Oxford, UK.

Taylor Bell has worked as a technical copywriter, researcher, developer, and associated roles between. He studied Communication Theory and Computer Science at Boise State University in his hometown of Boise, Idaho.

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: Kickstart Your TypeScript Setup
Chapter 2: IDE Superpowers
Chapter 3: TypeScript in the Development Pipeline

PART II: Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Essential Types and Annotations
Chapter 5: Unions, Literals, and Narrowing

PART III: Objects, Classes, and Mutability
Chapter 6: Objects
Chapter 7: Mutability
Chapter 8: Classes
Chapter 9: TypeScript-Only Features

PART IV: Working with the Compiler
Chapter 10: Deriving Types
Chapter 11: Annotations and Assertions
Chapter 12: The Weird Parts

PART V: Understanding the Environment
Chapter 13: Modules, Scripts, and Declaration Files
Chapter 14: Configuring TypeScript

Part VI: Advanced Application Development
Chapter 15: Designing Your Types in TypeScript
Chapter 16: The /utils Folder

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