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The Book of Kubernetes Cover

The Book of Kubernetes

Alan Hohn

This hands-on guidebook explains the inner workings of containers, and shows how Kubernetes helps computing, networking, and storage.

The Art of Clean Code

The Art of Clean Code

Christian Mayer

Uses 8 core principles, with a focus on simplicity and functionality, to teach you how to write clear, concise code.

Python for Data Science cover

Python for Data Science

Yuli Vasiliev

Introduces you to the Pythonic world of data analysis with a learn-by-doing approach rooted in hands-on activities.

Bare Metal C cover

Bare Metal C

Stephen Oualline

Teaches you how to program embedded devices with the C programming language.

Androids Cover


Chet Haase

The fascinating inside story of how the Android operating system came to be.

DevOps for the Desperate Cover

DevOps for the Desperate

Bradley Smith

A hands-on, no-nonsense guide for those who land in a DevOps environment and need to get up and running quickly.

The Art of Mac Malware Cover

The Art of Mac Malware

Patrick Wardle

A handbook for Apple infection methods, malicious script analysis, and Mach-O malware.

Practical Social Engineering Cover

Practical Social Engineering

Joe Gray

A hands-on look at the cyber attacks that target human nature, with pentesting templates for performing SE ops, and tips for defending against them.

Hacking APIs Cover

Hacking APIs

Corey Ball

Learn how to test APIs for security vulnerabilities so you can uncover high-payout bugs and improve the security of web apps.

The Art of Cyberwarfare Cover

The Art of Cyberwarfare

Jon DiMaggio

A detailed guide to nation-state hacking methods that shows how to track, analyze, and attribute advanced attacks.

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Dive Into Systems Cover

Dive Into Systems

Suzanne J. Matthews, Tia Newhall, and Kevin C. Webb

A vivid, layer-by-layer intro to computer architecture and software components.

Strange Code Cover

Strange Code

Ronald T. Kneusel

Strengthen your coding skills by exploring the weird, wonderful world of atypical and esoteric languages.

The Book of Dash Cover

The Book of Dash

Adam Schroeder, Christian Mayer, and Ann Marie Ward

A practical, fast-paced introduction to building interactive data-visualization dashboard apps in Python.

How to Hack Like a Legend Cover

How to Hack Like a Legend

Sparc Flow

Puts you in the mind of a master hacker, as you plan and launch a stealth attack on Microsoft’s best security systems.

The LEGO Engineer Cover

The LEGO Engineer

Jeff Friesen

Build amazing models of the world's greatest feats of engineering, designed by LEGO® expert Jeff Friesen.

Open Circuits Cover

Open Circuits

Windell Oskay and Eric Schlaepfer

A photographic exploration of the surprisingly beautiful design inside everyday electronics that unlocks a world of hidden wonder.

Cybersecurity for Small Networks Cover

Cybersecurity for Small Networks

Seth Enoka

A guide to implementing DIY security solutions and readily available technologies to protect home and small-office networks from attack.

AVR Workshop Cover

AVR Workshop

John Boxall

Build more than 55 hands-on, wide-ranging projects with the popular and versatile AVR family of microcontrollers.

Python for Kids, 2nd Edition Cover

Python for Kids, 2nd Edition

Jason R. Briggs

The second edition of the best-selling Python for Kids—which brings you (and your parents) into the world of programming—has been completely updated to use the latest version of Python, along with tons of new projects!

Python Crash Course 3rd Edition Cover

Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition

Eric Matthes

This fast-paced, thorough introduction to programming with Python will have you writing code, solving problems, and making cool projects that work in no time.

The Art of Machine Learning Cover

The Art of Machine Learning

Norman Matloff

A practical guidebook on how to make full use of powerful machine learning methods—without the advanced math