No Starch Press


Open Circuits Cover

Open Circuits

Windell Oskay and Eric Schlaepfer

A photographic exploration of the tiny design wonders hidden inside everyday electronics.

Engineering in Plain Sight Cover

Engineering in Plain Sight

Grady Hillhouse

A beautifully illustrated guide with fascinating explanations to nearly every part of the constructed world.

The LEGO Engineer Cover

The LEGO Engineer

Jeff Friesen

Build amazing models of the world's greatest feats of engineering, designed by LEGO® expert Jeff Friesen.

Python for Kids, 2nd Edition Cover

Python for Kids, 2nd Edition

Jason R. Briggs

The second edition of the best-selling Python for Kids—which brings you (and your parents) into the world of programming—has been completely updated to use the latest version of Python, along with tons of new projects!

Python Crash Course 3rd Edition Cover

Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition

Eric Matthes

This fast-paced, thorough introduction to programming with Python will have you writing code, solving problems, and making cool projects that work in no time.

Cybersecurity for Small Networks Cover

Cybersecurity for Small Networks

Seth Enoka

A guide to implementing DIY security solutions and readily available technologies to protect home and small-office networks from attack.

Python Tools for Scientists Cover

Python Tools for Scientists

Lee Vaughan

An introduction to the Python programming language and its most popular tools for scientists, engineers, students, and anyone who wants to use Python for research, simulations, and collaboration.

Dead Simple Python Cover

Dead Simple Python

Jason C. McDonald

The complete core language for existing programmers.

How to Hack Like a Legend Cover

How to Hack Like a Legend

Sparc Flow

Puts you in the mind of a master hacker, as you plan and launch a stealth attack on Microsoft’s best security systems.

AVR Workshop Cover

AVR Workshop

John Boxall

Build more than 55 hands-on, wide-ranging projects with the popular and versatile AVR family of microcontrollers.

Mastering LEGO® MINDSTORMS Cover


Barbara Bratzel and Rob Torok

The second half of your robotics-engineering journey shows you how to level up your skills with advanced programming techniques.

Getting Started with LEGO® MINDSTORMS Cover

Getting Started with LEGO® MINDSTORMS

Barbara Bratzel and Rob Torok

A hands-on, beginner-friendly guide to building and programming robots with LEGO® MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor and LEGO® SPIKE Prime.

Data Structures the Fun Way Cover

Data Structures the Fun Way

Jeremy Kubica

Learn how and when to use the right data structures in any situation, strengthening your computational thinking, problem-solving, and programming skills in the process.


Strange Code Cover

Strange Code

Ronald T. Kneusel

Strengthen your coding skills by exploring the weird, wonderful world of atypical and esoteric languages.

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The Rust Programming Language, 2E Cover

The Rust Programming Language, 2nd Edition

Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols

The quintessential guide to programming in Rust. Thoroughly updated to Rust’s latest version, this edition is considered the language’s official documentation.

Black Hat GraphQL Cover

Black Hat GraphQL

Dolev Farhi and Nick Aleks

Written by hackers for hackers, this hands-on book teaches penetration testers how to identify vulnerabilities in apps that use GraphQL, a data query and manipulation language for APIs adopted by major companies like Facebook and GitHub.

Ada & Zangemann Cover

Ada & Zangemann

Matthias Kirschner; illustrated by Sandra Brandstätter

A modern fairy tale that conveys the joy of tinkering and calls for self-determined use of software.

MySQL Crash Course Cover

MySQL Crash Course

Rick Silva

This complete guide to all things MySQL takes you from the absolute basics of creating a table to the complexities of managing an entire database. You'll learn to build efficient databases through interesting examples, exercises, and hands-on projects.

Dive Into Data Science cover

Dive Into Data Science

Bradford Tuckfield

Teaches you how to collect and work with data in business settings, and how to analyze data sets using Python code.

The Art of Machine Learning Cover

The Art of Machine Learning

Norman Matloff

Learn to expertly apply a range of machine learning methods to real data with this practical guide.

Codebreaking Cover


Elonka Dunin and Klaus Schmeh

A tour through history’s real codes and ciphers written by two of today’s best cipher crackers.

JavaScript Crash Course Cover

JavaScript Crash Course

Nick Morgan

A fast-paced, thorough introduction to programming in JavaScript that will have you writing your own software and web applications in no time.

PHP Crash Course Cover

PHP Crash Course

Matt Smith

Start off your web development journey the right way with this beginner-friendly introduction to PHP programming.

Writing a C Compiler Cover

Writing a C Compiler

Nora Sandler

A hands-on, example-filled guide to the theory and practice of writing a C compiler: a computer program that translates code written by programmers into code the computer can read.

Metasploit, 2nd Edition

David Kennedy, Mati Aharoni, Devon Kearns, Jim O’Gorman, and Daniel Graham

The ultimate Framework guide's second edition covers recently added modules and commands, and has new chapters on cloud penetration testing.