Arduino for Arduinians Cover

Arduino for Arduinians

by John Boxall
September 2023, 336 pp.
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This friendly project-based book will turn Arduino beginners into advanced Arduinians with the skills and inspiration needed to construct their own professional or hobbyist devices.

Building on Arduino techniques like those covered in the author’s celebrated Arduino Workshop, this book covers dozens of new topics and techniques. The book dives straight into constructing the building blocks of advanced Arduino projects, where readers will learn to increase interfacing speed and power efficiency, work with digital cameras and various data buses, safely control AC mains power, and other advanced skills that leverage this inexpensive, versatile microcontroller platform.

Author Bio 

John Boxall, author of bestselling Arduino Workshop (No Starch Press), has been an electronics enthusiast for over thirty years, spending much of that time in the electronics retail, wholesale, and consulting fields. He also spent several years writing Arduino tutorials, projects, and reviews of kits and accessories at

Table of contents 

1. Getting Started
2. Using Multiple Buttons with One Analog Input
3. Increasing Digital I/O Speed with Port Manipulation

4. Implementing the Arduino Environment on ATtiny Microcontrollers
5. Watchdog Timers
6. Controlling LEDs with Charlieplexing
7. Soft Power Control
8. Controlling AC Mains Power 
9. High-Power Shift Registers
10. Building MP3 Audio Players
11. Using Multiple I2C Devices with One Address
12. Emulating USB Keyboards and Mice
13. Working with USB Flash Drives
14. Interfacing with PS/2 Keyboards
15. Working with Bluetooth 
16. Low Power Methods
17. Experimenting with the Automotive CAN-BUS
18. The RS232 Data Bus
19. The RS485 Data Bus
20. Remote Control via WiFi 
21. Remote Control via Telegram
22. Logging Data Wirelessly to Google Docs
23. Network Time Protocol Servers
24. Building a Wi-Fi Web Server 
25. Experimenting with Digital Cameras

The chapters in red are included in this Early Access PDF.