Homemade Robots

10 Simple Bots to Build with Stuff Around the House
by Randy Sarafan
August 2021, 192 pp.
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Download Chapter 10: SKITTER

Homemade Robots is a hands-on beginner’s guide for using common household materials to build a wide range of mobile, autonomous bots. Creative and easy-to-follow, all 10 projects are designed for maximum fun, with relatively minimal effort – no electronics experience necessary!

From the walking Wobbler to the rolling Barreler, each bot is a self-driving mechanical wonder with a unique personality. There’s the ingenious Inchworm Bot, made out of aluminum rulers, and Skitter, a street sweeper-like bot that buffs the floors as it moves. There are bots that press their own switches to change direction, and a Sail Bot that adjusts its pathway based on the wind. But for all their differences, every one of the book’s bot projects has the following things in common:

  • They are quick and easy to build with readily available materials
  • They are easy to understand and don’t require a microcontroller or computer code
  • They are expandable, allowing you to mod them with more complex controls later

The author’s hacker approach to sculptural robotics will appeal to builders of all ages, who will learn basic electronics, become comfortable with tools and familiar with mechanical systems, and gain the confidence to further explore the wide world of robotics waiting to be discovered.

Author Bio 

Randy Sarafan has been working for Instructables.com for more than a decade and has published 300+ how-to articles for the web, book compilations and magazines on a wide range of subjects – from giant rideable robots to chamomile ice cream. He also runs the Instructables Community Team, creates online classes, and is the author of 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer (Workman Publishing).

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: Building Tools and Supplies
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Electronics
Chapter 3: Motors
Chapter 4: Soldering and Desoldering
Chapter 5: Wobbler
Chapter 6: Buffer
Chapter 7: Daze
Chapter 8: Barreller
Chapter 9: Lazy
Chapter 10: Skitter
Chapter 11: Inchworm
Chapter 12: Walker
Chapter 13: Sail
Chapter 14: Flip Flop
Appendix A: Reference Materials
Appendix B: Cutting and Drilling Templates