Applied Math for Security

An Introduction for Programmers
by Daniel Reilly
August 2023, 256 pp
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Applied Math for Security is one of the first math-based guides specifically geared for information security practitioners. Readers will learn how to use concepts from various fields of mathematics—like graph theory, computational geometry, and statistics—to create and implement ready-to-use security tools. 

The book is written in a lively, conversational style that engages readers from the get-go. Chapters are enriched with code examples written in Python, and feature hands-on “proof of concept” projects that involve developing math-based applications to solve real-world problems. Readers are also able to apply the mathematical constructs that they learn to a variety of challenging scenarios, like determining the ideal location for fire stations, disrupting information flow in a social network, building facial recognition software, and designing custom tools for modern security work.

Author Bio 

Daniel Reilly is a security researcher, analyst, and consultant based out of Seattle, WA. He has worked in the security field for 20 years, more than half of which has been spent developing and managing operational security for small businesses.

Table of contents 

Part I: House Keeping
1. Environment Setup
2. Programming and Mathematical Conventions
Part II: Theory and Practice
3. Network and Graph Theory
4. Creating a Network Graph from Packets

5. Analyzing Social Networks Derived from Tweets
6. Analyzing Social Network Evolution with Monte Carlo Simulations
7. Computational Geometry Theory
8. Triangulating Locations from OpenCell Data
9. Emergency Service Planning with Voronoi Diagrams
10. Computational Geometry for Facial Recognition
Part III: The Art Gallery Problem
11. Understanding the Art Gallery Problem
12. Implementing the Solution
13. Distributing Python Applications

The chapters in red are included in this Early Access PDF.