Writing a C Compiler Cover

Writing a C Compiler

Build a Real Programming Language from Scratch
by Nora Sandler
August 2024, 776 pp.
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Download Chapter 4: Logical and Relational Operators

An approachable, hands-on tutorial to writing a C compiler: a computer program that translates code written by the programmer into code the computer can understand. By building a compiler, readers will gain invaluable knowledge about how programming languages work; knowledge that will make them better programmers. Readers are gently led step-by-step to build a small working compiler and will develop throughout the book. Writing a C Compiler offers readers an accessible, practical approach to this complex and often overly theoretical topic.

Author Bio 

Nora Sandler is a software engineer. After graduating from the University of Chicago, she worked as a penetration tester at Security Innovation, and then as a compiler developer at CrowdStrike, fuelling her interest and research into how computers work under the hood. Sandler writes C Compiler tutorials and has created test programs on her popular blog to make writing a C compiler more accessible.

Table of contents 

Part I: The Basics
Chapter 1: A Minimal Compiler
Chapter 2: Unary Operators
Chapter 3: Binary Operators
Chapter 4: Logical and Relational Operators
Chapter 5: Local Variables
Chapter 6: If Statements and Conditional Expressions
Chapter 7: Compound Statements
Chapter 8: Loops
Chapter 9: Functions
Chapter 10: File-scope Variables and Storage-class
Part II: Types Beyond int
Chapter 11: Long Integers
Chapter 12: Unsigned Integers
Chapter 13: Floating-point Numbers
Chapter 14: Pointers
Chapter 15: Arrays and Pointer Arithmetic
Chapter 16: Characters and Strings
Chapter 17: Supporting Dynamic Memory Allocation
Chapter 18: Structures
Part III: Optimizations
Chapter 19: Optimizing Tacky Programs
Chapter 20: Register Allocation
Next Steps
Appendix A: Debugging Assembly Code with GDB or

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"It is refreshing to read a book on compiler design with a focus on implementing a practical real-world language, rather than working through dry academic exercises . . . practical, fun, and exciting to read if you are sick of reading textbooks on the subject."
—Rick Battagline, author of The Art of WebAssembly

Extra Stuff 

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