LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Clever Contraptions Cover

LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Clever Contraptions

by Yoshihito Isogawa
July 2021, 192 pp.

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This book in the LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models series features 106 motor-free mechanisms for you to build and operate. Each project includes full-color photographs from multiple angles and illustrated Technic parts to help you follow along. The models range from practical tools for lifting, gripping, shooting, and measuring to working gadgets that demonstrate principles of mechanical engineering.

The Technic models in Clever Contraptions require no electric elements or sensors. Instead, you’ll use cranks, winches, doors, and rotators to operate devices including wind turbines, spinning tops, grabbing tools, and a spirograph. The clever kinetic ideas at play will inspire you to create your own mechanicals marvels.

This Technic guide is part of a series, and the brainchild of master builder Yoshihito Isogawa. Each book in the series is filled with vibrant photos of Isogawa’s unique non-electric models, which will fire up the imaginations of LEGO builders of all ages.

Imagine. Create. Invent. Now, what will you build?

Author Bio 

Yoshihito Isogawa is a LEGO luminary with over fifty years of building experience. In addition to running Isogawa Studio, Inc., he regularly holds LEGO workshops, lectures at schools and science museums, and creates LEGO models for events and exhibitions. He is the author of the popular LEGO Technic Idea Book series, The LEGO Power Functions Idea Books, The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book, and The LEGO BOOST Idea Book (all No Starch Press), as well as other Japanese-language LEGO titles.


"The LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models are essential books for building any kinds of mechanisms with LEGO. Yoshihito Ishagawa is an unmitigated genius when it comes to building LEGO machines and LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Clever Contraptions important part of building a solid library of reference books for building the coolest LEGO MOCs."

Reviews for Isogawa's Lego Technic Idea Book Series:

“These are an invaluable set of books to have as a reference to build mechanisms."
—Joe Meno, BrickJournal

“These are excellent books showing a lot of great ideas for LEGO mechanisms. Even if
you’re an experienced builder, there are surely some ideas in here you’ve never seen.”
—Bill Ward, Brickpile

"I cannot recommend LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Simple Machines and LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Clever Contraptions highly enough for somebody looking to include mechanisms in their own models . . . There is plenty of clearly presented information to help a reluctant beginner to start experimenting and for the seasoned builder to expand their repertoire."
—The Rambling Brick

“Fun . . . these books look fantastic.”
—Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

“What I like about these cool little models is that they can be used to teach various
science concepts such as gearing, Newton's Laws, and Potential & Kinetic energy—
to name a few.”
—The Robotic Realm

“For anyone who loves LEGO, prototypes in LEGO, or loves mechanical assemblies,
these books are definitely required viewing, and we're not sure how we lived without
them for so long.”
—Lenore Edman, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

"Because the models range from practical tools for lifting, gripping, shooting, and measuring, to working gadgets, the immediate use of each tool was what enhanced our interest the most. The fact that they also demonstrate principles of mechanical engineering added to the fun."
—Mariana Ruiz, GeekDad