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The LEGO Engineer

by Jeff Friesen
September 2022, 200 pp.
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In The LEGO® Engineer, you’ll explore how some of humanity’s greatest feats of engineering work, from towering skyscrapers to powerful rockets to speeding bullet trains. Then follow step-by-step instructions to build these marvels with LEGO® bricks as you experience the world of engineering in a fun new way.

How do diesel and electric engines work together to drive massive freight trains? How does a container ship’s bow shape contribute to its fuel efficiency? How do cable-stayed bridges distribute weight differently than suspension bridges? You’ll learn the answers to these engineering questions and more as you build your way through over 30 models, all designed by LEGO® expert Jeff Friesen. Understanding the engineering principles behind these structures will not only help you better appreciate the world around you, but will also help you make your own LEGO® builds more realistic. 

Author Bio 

Jeff Friesen is an award-winning LEGO® expert and photographer whose work has been featured on LEGO®’s official social media channels, the Brothers Brick website, and in Brick Journal, Briques, and Blocks magazines. He is the author of LEGO® Space Projects, LEGO® Micro Cities, and The LEGO® Castle Book (all No Starch Press). Jeff’s stunning LEGO® photography can be found on his popular Instagram account, @jeff_works.

Table of contents 

Engineering LEGO
Building Guide
Chapter 1: Bridges and Tunnels
Chapter 2: Trains and Beyond
Chapter 3: Things That Float
Chapter 4: Flying Machines
Chapter 5: Amazing Buildings
Chapter 6: Space Travel
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All chapters are included in this Early Access PDF.


"If you are a fan of [Jeff Friesen's] other books or are interested in engineering and microscale builds I recommend giving this a look."
—Adam King, Adam's Brick Junction

"[P]acked with engineering facts, stats and step-by-step instructions for making your own awesome models . . . [The LEGO Engineer] features stunning digital photography [that] showcases how close [Jeff Friesen's] builds are to the real engineering wonders."
—Matt Yeo, Brick Fanatics

"The LEGO® Engineer shows some great LEGO® models but also shows some great examples of technology and engineering. It’s a great book to build with, and an excellent starting point for would-be engineers young and old!"
—Joe Meno, BrickJournal