Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

by Mike Doyle
September 2015, 232 pp.
Full Color

"Beautiful LEGO: Wild! is a journey from the smallest bacteria to sweeping natural vistas, all made from the colorful toy bricks."
Fast Company

"Like all good art, the sculptures in Beautiful Lego: Wild! help us appreciate the beauty of what they represent...celebrates the interconnectedness of nature and Lego."
Sierra magazine

"Showcases the wild beauty of LEGO models."

"Sculptures from Beautiful LEGO: Wild! are a treat for nature lovers and LEGO geeks alike!"

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Beautiful LEGO: Wild!Beautiful LEGO: Wild!
Beautiful LEGO: Wild!Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

Scenes from nature spring to life in Mike Doyle's latest curated collection of LEGO art, Beautiful LEGO: Wild! From botanical marvels to adorable critters—such as a sea otter family made from 3,500 LEGO pieces—every page is sure to delight the artist and naturalist in all of us.

Interviews with LEGO masters from around the world give you a glimpse into the inspiration behind these incredible works of art. Discover amazing landscapes, insects, mythical creatures, and more, all within the enchanting pages of Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

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Author Bio 

Mike Doyle is an internationally acclaimed LEGO artist and known for his stunningly realistic, grand-scale designs. His award-winning Abandoned House series has been showcased at Gallery1988 in LA and Boston’s Museum of Realist Art. His largest piece to date is Contact I—a 6×6-foot masterwork built from more than 200,000 LEGO elements. When not constructing LEGO art, Doyle works as a graphic designer. He lives with his wife and two children in New Jersey.

Table of contents 

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"Compilations of the best of the LEGO artist community."

"Not only does it function as a gorgeous coffee table piece, but it showcases the ability of LEGOs to act as an artistic medium."

"Impressive and colorful...a great vehicle for exposing our quirky little world of LEGO fandom to a much broader audience."
The Brothers Brick

"Everyone's favorite toy blocks come alive as realistic sculptures of plants, wildlife, landscapes and more."
Mother Nature Network

"It's LEGO eye candy of the highest order, in a quality book that would look great on any coffee're going to love this book."

"Another impressive set of LEGO masterpieces."

"Sculptures from Beautiful LEGO: Wild! are a treat for nature lovers and LEGO geeks alike!"

"This books serves as my go-to for have your own personal art gallery in front of you, all made out of LEGO."
Brick Fanatics

"A coffee-table book that showcases the very best LEGO after page of gorgeous builds that show what's possible using LEGO as a medium and as inspiration for your own builds."

"If you are, or have ever been, a fan of LEGO, Beautiful LEGO: Wild! is a gorgeous way to celebrate that fandom."
Big Shiny Robot

"When I see creations like the ones in Beautiful LEGO: Wild! I’m totally baffled and amazed by the boundless imagination of artists who sculpt using LEGO bricks."
Nerdy With Children

"Plenty of inspiration to create your own wild builds. It’s refreshing to see a book that not only recognizes so many wonderful builds but one that also portrays LEGO as a form of art. The photography is beautiful and does an amazing job of showcasing each build."
Bricks Fans

"It can help your own creativity if you're looking at the things it's possible to make out of LEGO . . . it's just amazing what these creators do."

"Absolutely stunning . . . you could just look at this for hours."