The Computer Science Activity Book

The Computer Science Activity Book

24 Pen-and-Paper Projects to Explore the Wonderful World of Coding (No Computer Required!)
by Christine Liu and Tera Johnson
November 2018, 32 pp.

Featured on the list of Great STEM Books for Girls and Boys on STEM Kids Chicago.

The Computer Science Activity Book is the perfect companion for curious youngsters — or grown-ups who think they'll never understand some of the basics of how computers work. Work through this brief, coloring book-like collection of fun and innovative hands-on exercises and learn some basic programming concepts and computer terminology that form the foundation of a STEM education. You'll learn a bit about historical figures like Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, and Alan Turing; how computers store data and run programs; and how the parts of a computer work together (like the hard drive, RAM, and CPU). Drawing a garden of flowers using for loops, create creatures with conditional statements, and just have a bit of fun.

Author Bio 

Christine Liu and Tera Johnson are the co-founders of the art collective, Two Photon Art. Together, they have created several zines and continue to explore the medium as a way to inform a general audience about science.

Christine Liu is currently a Neuroscience Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley.

Tera Johnson currently works at EcoAdapt, an environmental non-profit providing support for climate change adaptation.