The Computer Science Activity Book

The Computer Science Activity Book

24 Pen-and-Paper Projects to Explore the Wonderful World of Coding (No Computer Required!)
by Christine Liu and Tera Johnson
November 2018, 32 pp.
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The Computer Science Activity Book is the perfect companion for curious youngsters and grown-ups -- especially those who think they'll never understand how computers work. As readers work their way through this collection of fun and innovative hands-on exercises, they'll learn the core programming concepts and computer terminology that form the foundation of a STEM education.

Readers learn about historical figures like Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, and Alan Turing; how computers store data and run programs; and how the parts of a computer work together (like the hard drive, RAM, and CPU) through activities that teach foundational programming concepts like drawing a garden of flowers using for loops and creating creatures with conditional statements.

Author Bio 

Christine Liu and Tera Johnson are the co-founders of the art collective, Two Photon Art. Together, they have created several zines and continue to explore the medium as a way to inform a general audience about science.

Christine Liu is currently a Neuroscience Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley.

Tera Johnson currently works at EcoAdapt, an environmental non-profit providing support for climate change adaptation.