A Beginner's Guide to Circuits

A Beginner's Guide to Circuits

Nine Simple Projects with Lights, Sounds, and More!
by Øyvind Nydal Dahl
October 2018, 80 pp.
Full color
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A Beginner's Guide to Circuits is the perfect first step for anyone ready to jump into the world of electronics and circuit design.

First, you’ll learn to read circuit diagrams and use a breadboard, which allows you to connect electrical components without using a hot soldering iron! Next, you’ll build nine simple projects using just a handful of readily available components, like resistors, transistors, capacitors, and other parts. As you build, you’ll learn what each component does, how it works, and how to combine components to achieve new and interesting effects.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to build your own electronic creations. With easy-to-follow directions, anyone can become an inventor with the help of A Beginner’s Guide to Circuits!

Build These 9 Simple Circuits!

  • Steady-Hand Game: Test your nerves using a wire and a buzzer to create an Operation-style game!
  • Touch-Enabled Light: Turn on a light with your finger!
  • Cookie Jar Alarm: Catch cookie thieves red-handed with this contraption.
  • Night-Light: Automatically turn on a light when it gets dark.
  • Blinking LED: This classic circuit blinks an LED.
  • Party Lights: Throw a party with these charming string lights.
  • Railroad Crossing Light: Danger! Don’t cross the tracks if this circuit’s pair of lights is flashing.
  • Digital Piano: Play a tune with this simple synthesizer and learn how speakers work.
  • LED Marquee: Put on a light show and impress your friends with this flashy finale.
Author Bio 

Øyvind Nydal Dahl built his first circuit at age 14, and has kept building ever since then. Øyvind has a master’s degree in Electronics from the University of Oslo, helps companies develop new products, and travels the world while teaching electronics workshops. He is also the author of Electronics for Kids (No Starch Press, 2016). Read more about Øyvind at http://www.build-electronic-circuits.com/.