Beautiful Minecraft

Beautiful Minecraft

by James Delaney
November 2016, 112 pp.
Full Color, Hardcover

“A feast for the eyes, this book contains stunning images that will be an inspiration to players and admirers young and old.”

“Are video games art? Yes—this is proof.”
IGN's “Up at Noon”

Vox interviewed James Delaney and featured a selection of artwork from Beautiful Minecraft.
View the video interview and photo gallery here!

Beautiful Minecraft includes 112 pages of stunning in-game creations, some of which look too good to be created of blocks, but they are.”

“Absolutely stunning. Who says video games can’t be art?”

View a photo gallery of art from Beautiful Minecraft on CNET: Building Beauty, Block by Block.

Beautiful Minecraft is featured on ArchDaily!

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Beautiful MinecraftBeautiful Minecraft
The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide, 2nd EditionBeautiful Minecraft

With a bit of imagination and a heavy dose of artistic talent, Minecraft blocks can be used to build almost anything. But as you’ll see, some artists are taking Minecraft building to a whole new level.

Beautiful Minecraft is a compendium of stunning artwork built in Minecraft. Using millions of blocks and spending hundreds of hours, these artists have created floating steampunk cities, alien worlds, detailed classical sculptures, fantastical landscapes, architectural marvels, and more.

The results are simply beautiful.

Author Bio 

James Delaney is the managing director of BlockWorks, a team of Minecraft builders, animators, and artists from around the world. BlockWorks has created artwork for companies like Disney, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, and The Guardian.


“The images in the book are, as the title suggests, quite beautiful.”
Pop Matters

Beautiful Minecraft is a compendium of stunning artwork created in Minecraft. It’s difficult to convey just how amazing some of these Minecraft creations are.”
EE Times

“The title really does say it all. While there’s a growing industry in Minecraft books, Beautiful Minecraft really stands out. A worthy collection.”
Boys’ Life

GeekMom featured Beautiful Minecraft in their Gift Guide: For The Minecraft Fan!

“If you love Minecraft, you're gonna dig this book! Fantastic book for gamers, Minecraft fans, and those of you who enjoy pop culture art. I give it two thumbs up.”
Entertainment Buddha

“As far as art books on gaming go, Beautiful Minecraft is a charming and sophisticated addition to your shelf or coffee table, and serves to illustrate even to the non-gaming inclined just how creative the pastime can be.”

Beautiful Minecraft is, in no uncertain terms, beautiful. It’s a collection of some of the most profound and amazing structures that have been created in Minecraft‘s Creative mode.”

Beautiful Minecraft is perfect for leafing through with coffee, or for convincing your relatives that games can also be art. It’s always amazing what people can create in Minecraft.”
Flickering Myth

“A selection of some very impressive Minecraft builds. Each of the photos is shown in high resolution, some of them look like they’ve leapt off of the screen and into real life.”

“Celebrates the art and impressive structures created in Minecraft, and it’s rightfully titled Beautiful Minecraft. A great nerdy coffee table book for your living room.”
Nerd Much?

“If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ll definitely want to check out this book!”

“A fantastic book. These exquisite Minecraft builds open up the imagination and make you want to start building your own beautiful creations.”
BioGamer Girl

“This is a delightful coffee table book with ambitions of showing Minecraft as an artistic medium for talented creatives.”
Map Making Magazine

“The results are simply beautiful and will provide immense inspiration for any and all dedicated Minecraft players.”
Midwest Book Review

Beautiful Minecraft is a compilation of some of the most gorgeously detailed creations ever composed in the game, and it deserves a spot on the coffee table of any loyal Minecraft fan.”
Sweety High

“With Beautiful Minecraft, I know where to look for inspiration.”
Big Shiny Robot

“It’s a book of wondrous imagery both inspired and inspiring.”
Sharing Craft Ideas

“This book has everything you could desire. It is truly a book that has a direct point, to be inspired and amazed at how much possibility there is in the world of Miinecraft. A must-have for anyone looking to spark a creative flame.”
The Nerds Templar

Beautiful Minecraft makes a strong case for the artistic worth of Minecraft as a serious outlet.”
New Atlas

“Do you have a Minecraft Fan at home? They will love this beautiful book!”
SoCal City Kids

"Beautiful Minecraft offers the finest and most stunning visuals."
Gaming Intel