An Artist's Guide to Programming Cover

An Artist's Guide to Programming

A Graphical Introduction
by Jim Parker
May 2022, 248 pp.
Lay-flat binding

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An Artist's Guide to Programming teaches computer programming with the aid of 100 example programs, each of which integrates graphical or sound output. The Processing-language-based examples range from drawing a circle and animating bouncing balls to 3D graphics, audio visualization, and interactive games.

Readers learn core programming concepts like conditions, loops, arrays, strings and functions, as well as how to use Processing to draw lines, shapes, and 3D objects. They’ll learn key computer graphics concepts like manipulating images, animating text, mapping textures onto objects, and working with video. Advanced examples include sound effects and audio visualization, network communication, 3D geometry and animation, simulations of snow and smoke, predator-prey populations, and interactive games.

Author Bio 

Jim Parker is a professor, author, and artist. He has published a dozen books and over 170 technical papers, and also writes short stories. He has degrees in mathematics and computer science, and holds a PhD from the State University of Ghent, Belgium. Parker has exhibited generative art and even sent art into space.

Table of contents 

Author’s Note
Part 1: The Fundamentals of Drawing
Part 2: Working with Preexisting Images
Part 3: 2D Graphics and Animation
Part 4: Working with Text and Files
Part 5: Creating User Interfaces and Widgets
Part 6: Network Communications
Part 7: 3D Graphics and Animation
Part 8: Advanced Graphics and Animation
Part 9: Working with Sound
Part 10: Working with Video
Part 11: Measuring and Simulating Time
Part 12: Creating Simulations and Games
Part 13: Making Your Work Public

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