Apple Confidential 2.0

Apple Confidential 2.0

The Definitive History of the World's Most Colorful Company
by Owen W. Linzmayer
January 2004, 344 pp.

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Apple Confidential examines the tumultuous history of America's best-known Silicon Valley start-up—from its legendary founding almost 30 years ago, through a series of disastrous executive decisions, to its return to profitability, and including Apple's recent move into the music business. Linzmayer digs into forgotten archives and interviews the key players to give you the real story of Apple Computer, Inc. This updated and expanded edition includes tons of new photos, timelines, and charts, as well as coverage of new lawsuit battles, updates on former Apple executives, and new chapters on Steve Wozniak and Pixar.

Author Bio 

Owen W. Linzmayer is a San Francisco-based freelance writer who has been covering Apple since 1980. He has written four other Macintosh books including The Mac Bathroom Reader (Sybex). Owen's website is available here.

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: The Genesis of Apple
Chapter 2: Woz's Wanderings
Chapter 3: The Apple III Fiasco
Chapter 4: Code Names Uncovered
Chapter 5: Millionaire Mania
Chapter 6: The Strangest Bedfellow of All
Chapter 7: From Xerox, with Love
Chapter 8: The Making of Macintosh
Chapter 9: Macintosh Insiders
Chapter 10: The Greatest Commercial That Almost Never Aired
Chapter 11: The Mac Meets the Press
Chapter 12: Mac Models Timeline
Chapter 13: Why 1985 Wasn't like 1984
Chapter 14: Telecom Troubles
Chapter 15: The Remarkable Rise and Fabulous Fall of John Sculley
Chapter 16: Windows: What Went Wrong?
Chapter 17: The Fallen Apple
Chapter 18: What Jobs Did NeXT
Chapter 19: The Pixar Phenomenon
Chapter 20: The Star Trek Saga
Chapter 21: From Diesel to Doctor
Chapter 22: The Clone Quandary
Chapter 23: The Doctor's Strong Medicine
Chapter 24: The Copland Crisis
Chapter 25: Happily Ever Apple?


"Required reading" according to The National

"Delightful and engaging... The whole blooming history is documented in this book, which contains a detailed description of everything one always wanted to know about Apple."
North Coast Macintosh Users Group

"Using interviews, original source material and extensive research, author Owen W. Linzmayer has created an enthralling read."

"This tell-all style book is part Apple history lesson, part Hollywood-tell-all, and I'm fairly certain everything is true. If you've ever been curious about corporate culture, this is a great behind the scenes look at one of the most culturally rebellious companies in computing history."
—Jake Ludington's Digital Lifestyle newsletter

"All in all, Apple Confidential 2.0 is an outstanding book for Macophiles and non-Macophiles alike. It is a joy to read and we highly recommend it."
—Macs Only! (Read article)

" amazing story of astounding deals, fiascoes, near extinction, and how Apple has managed to survive - and prosper. Don't miss it."
—Book News, Australia

"Owen Linzmayer has packed an amazing amount of information into this book. You won't be disappointed."

"A very good read, you'll find yourself totally engrossed. If you didn't buy Mr. Linzmayer's first book, take the time to get the second. Apple Confidential 2.0 will make a great addition to your home library - a must-have for Apple lovers."
— (Read article)

"This book shows all sides of the picture, with true objectivity, highlighting the successes and duds, the winners and losers, and all the many stops along the long strange trip of one company that has indeed changed the world." —Technology & Society (Read article)

"[Apple Confidential 2.0 is] a present you will want for yourself, and anyone else you know who wants the inside story of one of America's most innovative and successful businesses."
—Metromac (Read article)

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