Scratch 3 Programming Playground Cover

Scratch 3 Programming Playground

by Al Sweigart
January 2021, 288 pp.

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Scratch, the colorful drag-and-drop programming language, is used by millions of first-time learners worldwide. Scratch 3 features an updated interface, new programming blocks, and the ability to run on tablets and smartphones, so you can learn to code on the go.

In Scratch 3 Programming Playground, you’ll learn to code by making cool games. Get ready to destroy asteroids, shoot hoops, and run mazes! Each game includes easy-to-follow instructions with full-color images, review questions, and creative coding challenges. Want to add more levels or a cheat code? No problem, just write some code.

You’ll learn to make games like:

  • Maze Runner, a maze navigation challenge
  • Rainbow Lines, a dazzling animation program
  • Asteroid Breaker, a space adventure game
  • Basketball, a gravity-based game of hoops
  • Brick Breaker, a remake of Breakout, the brick-breaking classic
  • Platformer, a game inspired by Super Mario Bros.

Learning how to program shouldn’t be dry and dreary. With Scratch 3 Programming Playground, you’ll make a game of it!

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Author Bio 

Al Sweigart is a celebrated software developer, programming teacher, and creator of a wildly popular Udemy Python course. A fellow at the Python Software Foundation, Sweigart is the author of several Python books for beginners, including the worldwide bestseller Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.

Table of contents 


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Scratch
Chapter 2: Rainbow Space!
Chapter 3: Maze Runner
Chapter 4: Shooting Hoops with Gravity
Chapter 5: A Polished Brick Breaker Game
Chapter 6: Asteroid Space!
Chapter 7: Making an Advanced Platformer

Afterword: Where to Go from Here

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Featured as Gadget Book of the Week in Electronics Weekly

"Kids who can master Minecraft might want to try making their own games using this as a guideline."
—Joy Schwabach, Arkansas Online

"An excellent resource to learn how to make epic games . . . My son has been coding for several years now. He enjoyed working through this book and completing the games. He likes that the author's presentation is clear, concise, and engaging. There is no second-guessing with the illustrations if you are doing the steps correctly."
—Renee Knoblauch, The Old Schoolhouse®

Praise for Scratch Programming Playground

“An impressive manual for achieving Scratch programming mastery and creating genuinely entertaining games.” —Kirkus Reviews

“My son was able to successfully complete each game he attempted. And along the way, he gained some excellent programming skills. I also really appreciated the character lessons he learned (patience and perseverance, not to mention goal-setting). These were a great by-product of Scratch programming!” —The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“The book is well written, full of humor and puns, and the explanations of how things work are good.” —I Programmer

“I’m quite impressed with exactly how much of the Scratch programming tool the reader will have used and learned by the end of the book, and I think teachers and parents will find this a 5-star reference.” —Jim Kelly, GeekDad

“If you are looking for the next thing for your Minecraft-loving kids and haven’t tried Scratch, the Scratch Programming Playground book is a great guide to teach kids how to program by making cool games.” —Tech Savvy Mama

"The book is well written, full of humor and puns, and the explanations of how things work are good. It also generally implements things in a sensible way and you aren't going to learn any bad habits or methods from the book. . . . highly recommended."
—Kay Ewbank, I Programmer, Programming Book Choices For Fun