Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Build and Code Your Own Moving, Sensing, Thinking Robots
by Matt Timmons-Brown
November 2018, 200 pp.
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Matt Timmons-Brown (creator of the world’s most-popular Raspberry Pi YouTube channel: The Raspberry Pi Guy) takes you through the process of building your own robot with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer - with no experience necessary!

Starting from the ground up, you’ll add complexity to your robot with each chapter by adding and tweaking code and components, and also receive mentorship through a wide variety of different projects – from wireless control to line following!

By the end of the book, you’ll know how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained to build other robots. If you’re ready to level up your robotics skills with Raspberry Pi, let Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi be your guide!

Author Bio 

Matt Timmons-Brown is the creator of the world’s most-popular Raspberry Pi YouTube channel: The Raspberry Pi Guy. Here, he makes Raspberry Pi tutorials, videos and other educational materials for the community to enjoy and use. Started in 2012, Matt’s channel now has over 5 million views and is directly supported by ARM and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. He studies Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, and comes from Cambridge, UK.

Table of contents 

Introduction (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 2: Electronics Basics (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 3: Building Your Robot (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 4: Make Your Robot Move (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 5: Obstacle Avoidance (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 6: Adding RGB LEDs and Sound (NOW AVAILABLE!)
Chapter 7: Line Following
Chapter 8: Computer Vision: Follow a Colored Ball
Appendix A: Next Steps
Appendix B: Raspberry Pi GPIO Diagram
Appendix C: Resistor Guide
Appendix D: How to Solder
Appendix E: Run Program on Startup