Raspberry Pi Home Hacks

Raspberry Pi for Kids

Make Cool Gadgets, Mod Minecraft, Hack Wireless Signals, and More!
by Dan Aldred
November 2019 (Estimated), 134 pp.
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Learn to build and code with these cool projects that hack common things and interact with the real world. Use the Raspberry Pi to turn lights on in your room through Minecraft, spy on bluetooth signal devices to see who is in the area, build an MP3 player you can send music to wirelessly, create a motion-triggered camera to automatically take pictures of wildlife, and perform other dastardly deeds. These projects are super easy to follow for even the total beginner, and you'll end up with excellent products that are actually fun to use. Aldred explains the code in simple, step-by-steps ways that doesn't overwhelm, allowing the reader to pick up concepts and learn the specifics through building.

Author Bio 

Dan Aldred is a Computer Science teacher, a freelance resource writer, and hacker. He has championed the use of the Raspberry Pi as a tool for learning and creativity, and is a Raspberry Pi Certified educator. Dan led the winning team of students for the first Astro Pi competition whose code is now orbiting Earth aboard the ISS. Dan currently resides in the UK.