Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games!

Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games!

by Anna Anthropy
November 2019, 184 pp.
Full Color
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PuzzleScript is a free, web-based tool you can use to create puzzle games. In a PuzzleScript game, you move objects around to solve problems and play through the levels.

In Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games! you’ll learn how to use PuzzleScript to create interactive games—no programming experience necessary! Learn the basics like how to make objects, create rules, and add levels. You’ll also learn how to edit, test, and share your games online.

Learn how to:

  • Decorate your game with fun backgrounds
  • Write rules that define how objects interact
  • Add obstacles like laser guns and guards
  • Herd cats and even pull off a robot heist!

With colorful illustrations and plenty of examples for inspiration, Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games! will take you from puzzle solver to game designer in just a few clicks!

Author Bio 

Anna Anthropy is a game designer, author, and educator. She currently teaches game design as DePaul University’s Game Designer in Residence. Anthropy is the author of many games about cats, and she lives in Chicago with a little black cat named Encyclopedia Frown.