Modern Full Stack Development

Modern Full Stack Development

by Martin Krause
October 2023, 256 pp.
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This book  is an easy, hands-on introduction to the creation of web applications from the ground up. Each chapter covers a particular part of an application, introducing you to modern techniques and architectural patterns for achieving it—with a practical focus on the most popular tools, libraries, and frameworks used by today’s full-stack developers.

You’ll learn to build an entire application from start to finish, from creating a Node.js server, to developing a front-end interface with React.js components and Next.js pages. You’ll then expand your web application by writing REST and GraphQL APIs, implementing middleware, and connecting your application to a MongoDB database on the back end. Finally, you’ll learn how to add OAuth authorization to your application, write automated tests with Jest, and deploy your project as microservices using Docker. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Contemporary best practices, like the use of a microservice architecture and test-driven development techniques
  • Essential concepts of the tools, frameworks, and full-stack technologies, and how to use them 
  • Steps for creating a full-stack web application—from React.js components on the front end, to GraphQL APIs in the middleware and the MongoDB database on the back end
  • How to add OAuth authorization to integrate login with GitHub and write automated tests with Jest
Author Bio 

Martin Krause is a seasoned Senior Front End Architect. With more than 15 years of experience in the "Front End Industry," he has a proven track record of defining, architecting, and implementing customer experiences and Front End frameworks as well as training fellow developers. His expertise includes a deep knowledge of HMTL, CSS, JavaScript including NodeJS, Front End Operations, and the current cutting edge "Front End Stack". Previously, Martin held roles as an Engineering Manager at Publicis. Sapient, SapientRazorfish, and as Senior Front End Architect at Razorfish.

Table of contents 


Part I: The Technology Stack
Chapter 1: Node.js
Chapter 2: Modern JavaScript
Chapter 3: TypeScript
Chapter 4: React.js

Chapter 5: Next.js
Chapter 6: APIs
Chapter 7: MongoDB and Mongoose
Chapter 8: Testing with Jest
Chapter 9: Authorization with OAuth
Chapter 10: Docker Deployment

Part II: The Full-Stack Application
Chapter 11: Environmental Setup
Chapter 12: The Mongoose Model
Chapter 13: The GraphQL API
Chapter 14: The Front End
Chapter 15: The Login Feature
Chapter 16: Testing the App

Appendix A: TypeScript Compiler Options
Appendix B: Jest Matcher Functions

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