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The LEGO Lighting Book

Light Your LEGO® Models!
by Brian M. Williams
July 2023, 200 pp.
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Download Chapter 6: Vehicle Lighting

Take your LEGO® models to the next level by adding lights to your builds! Whether you want to illuminate official LEGO® sets, develop your own realistically lit LEGO® models, or design fantastical, glowing worlds, this book will show you how to make your creations stand out—even in the dark. Clear instructions, inspiring examples, and vivid images illustrate how to achieve the best lighting for interior scenes, buildings, minifigs, vehicles, shadow sculptures, glowing artwork, and animated lighting effects. 

Each chapter features a beautifully photographed gallery of inspiring examples, and an exclusive project with step-by-step building instructions so you can exercise different lighting techniques yourself. Beyond just installing lights functionally, you’ll learn to creatively sculpt with lights and bricks. 

  • Create your own shadow art with carefully placed LEGO® bricks and lights
  • Build realistic lamps, streetlights, and other common light fixtures, using LEGO® elements to control the flow of light
  • Custom-light handheld accessories like laser swords and torches by drilling and wiring minifigs 
  • Simulate rocket engines, gunfire, and more with real-time lighting effects
  • Choose between a range of lighting solutions, from official LEGO® lighting elements, specialized third-party products, off-the-shelf options like Christmas and under-cabinet lights, and DIY circuits
Author Bio 

Brian Williams is an accomplished brick artist and active member of the LEGO® fan community for 25+ years. His detailed military, adventure, and science-fiction themed LEGO® creations often feature advanced LED lighting and earned him 5 Brickworld awards including two World of Lights awards. He has written articles for Brickjournal and Railbricks, and contributed to The Art of LEGO® Design (No Starch, 2014). When he's not building with bricks with his son, he works as a software development manager and exhibits at model railroad shows in the Chicago area. To keep up with the latest lighting techniques, follow Brian on Instagram @brick_lighting.

Table of contents 

Chapter 1: Lighting Becomes Art
Chapter 2: Lighting Solutions
Chapter 3: Interior Lighting
Chapter 4: Exterior Lighting
Chapter 5: Lighting with Character
Chapter 6: Vehicle Lighting
Chapter 7: Shadow Art
Chapter 8: Glowing Bricks
Chapter 9: Dynamic Lighting
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"A truly awe-inspiring book for any LEGO® builder, artist, or photographer."
—Hue Hughes, Toy Photographer

"Amazing insights of possibilities in lighting LEGO® sets with instructions for some examples. It also compares existing lighting kits with DIY solutions. A must-have for lighting enthusiasts and people who want to become one."
—Holger Wennmann, @AustrianBrickFan

"A must-read for any LEGO® fan looking to take their creations to a whole new level. With step-by-step instructions, helpful tips and stunning examples, this guide beautifully showcases the world of LEGO® lighting and will serve as an inspiration for LEGO® fans."

"Amazing photography . . . a really interesting read and resource to have on the shelf in your LEGO room."
—Adam King, Adam's Brick Junction

"For any LEGO enthusiast, this is a must read."
—YouTuber Dr. McBrick

"Williams makes complex lighting techniques easy to understand and breaks down complex builds into manageable step-by-step instructions. Whether you want to take your LEGO builds up a notch or give yourself an extra hour of quiet time by letting your husband and kids build a circuit board, this book is an amazing resource that should have a space on every LEGO enthusiast’s shelf."
—Louise Knight-Gibson, Smile Politely

"The LEGO Lighting Book will be a constant reference source for all LEGO designers and builders."
—Wayne Moore, LEGO Enthusiast

"A 'must have' acquisition for the legions of dedicated LEGO fans, [The LEGO Lighting Book] will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to personal, professional, community, college, and university library collections."
—Midwest Book Review

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