LEGO Train Projects Cover

LEGO Train Projects

7 Creative Models
by Charles Pritchett
August 2020, 208 pp.

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To easily order LEGO parts, download Bricklink files here (instructions included)

LEGO Train Projects shows you how to build seven detailed train models and get your brick citizens riding the rails in style. Featuring clear, full color, step-by-step instructions, this book makes it easy to build fun, realistic models that will delight train lovers of all ages.

Author Bio 

Charles Pritchett has been building with LEGO for 35 years. He is also a professional graphic, UI and UX designer. He has authored or co-authored several LEGO books, including Prehistoric Bricks: Building LEGO Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Beasts; Building LEGO BrickHeadz: Heroes; Building LEGO BrickHeadz: Villains; and Expanding the LEGO Winter Village.

Table of contents 

Introduction: Seeing the Light
How to Use This Book
Finding Pieces

Coal Gondola
Milk Tanker
Open Hopper
Depressed Flatcar with Electrical Load
Passenger Coach
Powered Box Car
EMD FL9 Locomotive

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Print. "As you might expect from veteran LEGO publisher No Starch Press, this is a quality title that delivers for LEGO fans new and old."
Blocks Magazine

"Anyone looking to build elegant LEGO trains should pick up this title." BricksFanatics

“As a book, LEGO Trains Projects is a great gift for the LEGO train fan.... So get the book and start building!” Brick Journal

“A great book for those who aspire to recreate [LEGO train] displays or merely enjoy taking a train around a simple circle of track. The instructions are easy to follow and the way the elements are presented are extremely useful.” BrickFanz

“The presentation and content of the book are second to none, as we've come to expect from No Starch Press, and if you want to build some American-style rolling stock to supplement official sets on your layout you will find a lot to like here.”Brickset

"A comprehensive and well thought out guide to building impressive, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing train components." The Brick Blogger

“If you are an AFOL who wants to enter into the LEGO® Trains world, or a LEGO® Trains AFOL with no more ideas for some new wagons, this is your book.” HispaBrick Magazine

“A great resource for anyone looking to build or improve LEGO trains.” JustJon

"The instructions themselves are fantastic . . . the quality of both print and paper is superb; LEGO Train Projects not only looks great, it feels great too.” LEGO Car Blog

LEGO Train Projects is beautifully presented, and I am sure will get novice to intermediate train builders heading on the right track.” The Rambling Brick

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