Functional Programming for Physics Geeks Cover

Functional Programming for Physics Geeks

by Scott Walck
January 2022, 550 pp.

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This book will teach you how to solve physics problems using Haskell, a functional programming language. It assumes no prior programming knowledge and teaches you all the Haskell you need to know to solve problems from Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetics. For example, you will see how functional programming allows you to elegantly calculate projectile motion, model the waves on a guitar string, or compute the magnetic field produced by current moving through a wire.

Drawn from the author’s experience teaching college-level physics, the book features careful explanations and plenty of exercises that give you a chance to practice on your own. Though the book expects some physics and calculus knowledge, it should be accessible to any physics enthusiast who wants to learn what modern functional languages like Haskell have to offer to
science's most foundational physical ideas. The book also has plenty to offer any functional programmer interested in learning physics or seeing functional programming applied in a new domain.

Author Bio 

Scott Walck has a PhD in Physics from Lehigh University. He has taught physics, including computational physics, to undergraduates (physics majors and non-majors) for 20 years at Lebanon Valley College, where he has been recognized with a Distinguished Teaching Award. Walck is a 3-time NSF grant recipient for research in quantum information and is the author of 30+ peer-reviewed research articles in physics.