Your Linux Toolbox

Your Linux Toolbox

by Julia Evans
August 2019, 7 zines
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ToolBox_BackCover Your Linux ToolboxYour Linux ToolboxYour Linux ToolboxYour Linux ToolboxYour Linux ToolboxYour Linux ToolboxYour Linux Toolbox

Get the most out of your Linux system using tools you already have! These illustrated zines by Julia Evans (@b0rk) will teach you how simple it can be to tame the powerful beast called Linux. And for the first time, her tips and tricks are together in one place.

Find out what your programs are doing and why. Understand how your system’s parts talk to each other and what to do when they bicker. And see how a cat GIF travels from a distant server to your very own screen.

Includes 7 zines:

  • So You Want to Be a Wizard
  • Bite-Size Linux!
  • Networking, ACK!
  • Let's Learn tcpdump!
  • Linux Debugging Tools You'll Love
  • Spying on Your Programs with strace
  • Profiling & Tracing with perf
Author Bio 

Julia Evans is a Montreal-based software developer at Stripe. She's a co-organizer of !!con, a regular speaker at programming conferences, and an author of awesome programming zines.


"This is a fantastic way to teach young ones about linux and the command line and I also found it great to learn from myself. Really nicely made and illustrated and would highly recommend!"
—Tobias F, The Pi Hut Reviewer

"A rich, illustrated book about the multiple Linux utilities . . . Excellent guidance for any technical person."
—Senthil Kumaran, GoodReads Librarian

"Exquisite reference zine, a perfect tool to begin your learning experience with. The graphics are super cute, but also brilliantly descriptive and insightful. These are a must have for anyone new to Linux, or who has to use one occasionally for work. A+ product!"
–Joanna White, Amazon Reviewer