Your Linux Toolbox

Your Linux Toolbox

by Julia Evans
August 2019, 7 zines
Box Set
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Ever wished you could spy on your computer with a handy incantation or bewitch your programs to debug themselves--now you can by becoming a Linux wizard! Okay, reading these zines won't actually make you a wizard, but you'll sure feel like one after you learn some neat Linux tricks.

With this collected edition of Julia Evans's wildly popular Linux zines, you'll get super awesome repackaged versions of the zines like:

  • Networking, ACK! to learn how cat pics teleport from a server to your laptop through the magic of networking
  • So You Want to be a Wizard, which teaches you how to become a certified programming wizard
  • Bite Size Linux to explore the nitty gritty of how signals, sockets, and virtual memory work.
  • Let's Learn tcpdump! to dump all your network traffic right into your CLI
  • Linux debugging tools you'll love, so you can get the scoop on things like opensnoop, netcat, and netstat
  • Spying on Your Programs with strace lets you be a secret agent so you can see what programs your computer is (or isn't!) running
  • Profiling & Tracing with perf teaches you how much CPU your functions are using

Through Julia's insatiable curiosity for all things technical, you'll view programming in a way you never have before--now on fancier paper!

Author Bio 

Julia Evans is a Montreal-based software developer at Stripe. She's a co-organizer of !!con, a regular speaker at programming conferences, and an author of awesome programming zines.