The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic Resources

Geology Activities!

Wondering how to put your newfound knowledge of geology into practice? Check out these websites.

Schoolyard Geology!

Geology is everywhere around you—you might be surprised at what you can find out if you take a closer look at the rocks in your day-to-day environment! Here are some activities to try in your schoolyard.

Learn How Engineers Brace Buildings in Case of Earthquakes!

In this delicious classroom exercise, you'll construct a building (made of toothpicks and marshmallows) to withstand an earthquake. You can even use Jell-O to simulate the shaking of the earthquake!

Create Your Own Tsunami!

Wonder how those giant waves actually form out at sea? Make a mini-tsunami all of your own.

A Volcano Crisis Simulator!

In this simulation, your job is to become a volcanologist—to collect and interpret data that might hint at volcanic activity. Will there be an eruption in the near future?