Remembering Aaron Swartz

Some people have asked why No Starch Press is remembering Aaron Swartz.

Aaron’s sudden and tragic passing has touched us all. Even my neighbors and friends with no direct connection to the hacking community have been shocked by this event.

I’m having this event (call it what you like) for my friends like Quinn, Cory, Meredith, Len, and so many others in the hacking community. For participants in our Geeks & Depression meetups last year. For my neighbors and others around me who have been touched by this tragedy. For young hackers like my son Josh, and his nerdy friends. For geeks, nerds, and misfits everywhere. For passionate people who want to make a difference and who sometimes do it their way even if that way is controversial.

I hope that people will have similar events in many places, both large and small. We all need a time to share, grieve, and reflect. I hope to offer a bit of that time.

Our doors open from 7:00-10:00pm on Wednesday, January 16. I have some snacks and alcohol. All are welcome. Bring something to share if you like, or something that reminds you of Aaron or others we have lost.

William Pollock, Founder
No Starch Press