The Manga Guide 13-Book Set

Manga Set - 13 books
The Manga Guide to Statistics
The Manga Guide to Physiology
The Manga Guide to Regression Analysis
The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra
The Manga Guide to Biochemistry
The Manga Guide to Relativity
The Manga Guide to the Universe
The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology
The Manga Guide to Calculus
The Manga Guide to Physics
The Manga Guide to Electricity
The Manga Guide to Databases
The Manga Guide to Microprocessors

Buy the first thirteen volumes of the Manga Guides for only $200! This set includes print books and ebooks!

That's a $90 discount on the only educational series praised by both The American Journal of Physics and Otaku USA magazine! You'll get:

Praise for The Manga Guides

"Stimulus for the next generation of scientists." —Scientific Computing

"Highly recommended." —Choice Magazine

"Whether you're new to the whole concept of databases, or a hard-core database geek, you need to have The Manga Guide to Databases. Really, you want this book." —Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Core Team (Read More)

"The books are overall solidly written and make hard science topics entertaining." —Marziah Karch,'s GeekMom (Read More)

"The Manga Guide to Statistics is really what a good math text should be like. Unlike the majority of books on subjects like statistics, it doesn't just present the material as a dry series of pointless-seeming formulas. It presents statistics as something fun, and something enlightening. It shows you why you should care about this material, and how it's useful even to people in non-mathematical fields." —Good Math, Bad Math (Read More)

"The Manga Guide to Electricity is a lot of fun to read. The interactions between the characters are lighthearted, and the whole setting has a sort of quirkiness about it that makes you keep reading just for the joy of it." —Hackaday (Read More)

"I found the cartoon approach of [The Manga Guide to Physics] so compelling and its story so endearing that I recommend that every teacher of introductory physics, in both high school and college, consider using it." —American Journal of Physics